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Angelic Humans

The Star Seeded Souls

The Star Seeded Souls “A single soul is richer than all the worlds.” ~ Alexander Smith Many are experiencing the awakening of their Soul and the reason for their existence. "Starseeds" are described as evolved beings from another planet, star system, galaxy, or plane of existence whose specific missions are to assist Planet Earth and her peoples to bring in ... Read More »

Homo Angelus: the Angelic Human

"You have made them a little lower than the angels and crowned them with glory and honor". ~Psalm 8 Angelic Human and Celestial Angelic Angelic Humans, or Homo Angelus, partake of many innate mystical abilities that pertain to the other Universal Celestial races. The main differentiation between these two lines for the development of Consciousness of the Angelical line of ... Read More »

Metaphysics of the Angelic Humans

Note: This article was written in reply to questions from individuals about Angelic Humans asked after viewing the Humanity Healing Angelic Human video.  Please also see Angelic Human Race. Preamble "Those who spread their sails in the right way to the winds of the earth will always find themselves born by a current towards the open seas." ~ Teilhard de ... Read More »

Spiritual Adoption

Compassionate Activism: Spiritual Adoption “We have to do the best we can. This is our sacred human responsibility.” ~ Albert Einstein “Am I my brother’s keeper?” ~Genesis 4: 9 The answer is “Yes, you are”, because we are all connected, and what happens to others affects us. What is Spiritual Adoption? As any other type of adoption, spiritual adoption is ... Read More »

Angels: Messengers of the Divine

The word Angel has come down through the Christian tradition and is derived from the Latin angelos, which in itself is derived from the Greek aggelos, which is a translation of the Hebrew word mal-ach. It translates as a messenger or worker of God. Every religion has a tradition of Angels, although they do not all agree on the form, ... Read More »

The Grigori: the Angelic Watchers

This post is an excerpt of The Angelus: A Compendium of Angelical Rituals and Attunements which is the eBook from the Online University course on Angels. Canonical Christian tradition speaks about the Angels of Heaven and the Fallen Angels who battled for Lucifer in the War of Heaven.  There is, however, a third group of Angels that are not as ... Read More »

Soul Groups and Soul Families

My soul is alight with your infinitude of stars. ~ Tagore Plato wrote that the Soul is the incorporeal eternal essence of a person and that as the bodies died, the Soul is reborn in subsequent bodies It is through these successive life experiences that our Souls learn and grow The Law of Attraction and the synchronicity of the Universe ... Read More »

Walk-Ins: The Wandering Souls

Usually the term Walk-in is used to describe an experience or experiment of inter-dimensions, an Inter-planetary Soul exchange, where a Soul extension or personality takes over the body of an adult human being who has chosen to leave his physical body. The Walk-in concept is often hard for people to believe. If you stop and think about it, every person ... Read More »

Awakening and Recalibration of Angelic Humans

Awakening and Recalibration of Angelic Humans If you originate from angels, or if you have some other form of connection to the angelic realm, you will certainly have ethereal wings on Earth too. Angels uses their wings not only to fly! If you do have wings, you should definitely learn to use them and their power. We are each of ... Read More »