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Soul Groups and Soul Families

Soul Groups and Soul Families

Soul Groups and Soul Families

Soul Groups and Soul Families

My soul is alight with your infinitude of stars.
~ Tagore

Plato wrote that the Soul is the incorporeal eternal essence of a person and that as the bodies died, the Soul is reborn in subsequent bodies. It is through these successive life experiences that our Souls learn and grow. But we don't do this process alone, often enough we are accompanied by many friendly souls that may have shared their journeys with us during our previous cycles.

The Law of Attraction and the synchronicity of the Universe work together to bring members of our Soul Families; collective souls that have been traveling through this Universe together, to help and support each while spearheading new endeavors and assisting the expansion of consciousness.

We find these connections with others by the vibrational energy we emanate

Through Spiritual Networking, Humanity Healing is bringing together Souls who share a same resonance and purpose: to foster an awakening of consciousness, to raise others with the hand of brotherhood,

To Heal the Heart of Humanity

For more information, visit the Star Seeded Soul Group our Community Network:

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Membership is free. Join us and help build a community of like-minded Hearts and Soul!

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Musics: Shamballah, by Aeoliah and Evening Falls by Enya

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