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Anatomy of the Ethereal Body, Part I


Anatomy of the Ethereal Body, Part I The Ethereal or the “fluid” body of life is the true energy behind the physical body, and is regarded to be the double physical body. This is one of the bodies that we have in common with all other sentient beings that inhabit this planet, and it is the design that sustains us ... Read More »

The Balance of the Emotional Body


The Emotional Body is one of the many subtle bodies we have along with our physical body, making us multidimensional beings. The Emotional Body is also called the Astral Body and is the frame in which all our emotions, feelings and sentiments are stored. In the same way that our body is composed of many cells, each of them working ... Read More »

Dysfunctions of the Extra-physical Bodies I

Multi-Dimensional Healing IV Many schools of wisdom and ancient spiritual practices have recommendations for the necessary work that a seeker must perform upon oneself before attempting further steps on the spiritual path. The refinement of the energies and the purification of thoughts, words and actions are vital preconditions to the perfect balance and health of the body, mind and soul. ... Read More »

A Brief Anatomy of Extra-Physical Bodies II

This article is a continuation of the previous article about the constitution and functions of the Extra-physical Bodies.  Please see A Brief Anatomy of the Extra-Physical Bodies I. The circulation of the Axitonal system has been purposely atrophied in humanity, in order to make us able to function within the constraints of duality on Planet Earth. It is an energetic ... Read More »

Multidimensional Healing II, part 2

Please also see Multidimensional Healing I – Being a Psychopomp and Multidimensional Healing II – Getting to Know the Inhabitants of the Astral Planes, Part 1 Getting to Know the Inhabitants of the Astral Planes, Part 2 As we know, the astral plane is also called the astral world. It can also be defined as a plane of existence hypothesized ... Read More »

Subtle Bodies and the Bible

Many are very surprised to know that in many places in the Bible there are mentions of the existence of our many subtle bodies. Here, we will list and comment succinctly on several of them. “I must go on boasting. Although there is nothing to be gained, I will go on to visions and revelations from the Lord. I know ... Read More »