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Multidimensional Healing II, part 2

Multidimensional Healing II, part 2

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Getting to Know the Inhabitants of the Astral Planes, Part 2

Elementar_Thought_Form_Humanity_HealingAs we know, the astral plane is also called the astral world. It can also be defined as a plane of existence hypothesized by classical, medieval, oriental and esoteric philosophies and mystery and religious school of knowledge.

It is a world of the planetary spheres, crossed by the soul in its astral body on the way to being born and after death. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, the term was disseminated by Theosophy and the neo-Rosicrucians. It corresponds to the concept of the Barzakh, olam mithal, or intermediate world in Islam, and the "World of Yetzirah" in Lurianic Kabbalah. In the Eastern Orthodox Church, it corresponds to the concept of Toll Houses and of the place in the Community of Saints known as “purgatory”.

Continued from Multidimensional Healing II - Getting to Know the Inhabitants of the Astral Planes, Part 1

2. The Dead

  1. Astral_Being_Humanity_HealingVictims of Sudden Death and Suicide. As a general rule, every individual that was taken out of earthly existence in their prime where they still had a lot of physical energy and health will find itself in a very different situation from those that transitioned due to an illness. In these special cases, where it was not given the proper and gradual preparation, the astral body will be similar to a seed that was taken out of the fruit before it was completely ripe. In reality, what happens is that the astral body will still contain a massive amount of peri-etheric energy, or the vital fuel of life, which is a high density energy. This “substance” can disturb the double etheric, or etheric body, natural process and cause the transition through these realms to be delayed until the entire reservoir of energy is “purged” out of the astral body. Many stay in an unconscious state during the elimination of these dense energies.
  2. Vampires and Werewolves. These are cruel and repellent creatures, but fortunately very rare nowadays, although they still exist in the collective unconscious realms of human imaginary as thought forms. They are reminiscence from a time where Mankind was still very much primitive and they now live through medieval tales. These creatures used their astral bodies to keep they physical body vitalized through the stealing of others’ blood or energy. For those that practice the art of astral projection, there is nothing to fear, these classes of beings are practically extinct from the astral worlds and its different frequencies. Nowadays it is much easier to find energy vampires closer to our physical bodies than our astral bodies.
  3. The Black Magicians and their Disciples. These beings belong to the other extreme of the scale: they are disincarnated spirits which purposely try to stay in the astral world as much as possible, avoiding to transition to the mental plane. They are extremely skilled beings with powers manifested in the astral world, through manipulation of dark energies and beings. In doing this, these beings are violating the laws that reign over evolution, through the exercise of their free will.

3. Non Humans

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  1. fire_elemental_Humanity_HealingAstral Bodies of Animals. Despite this being a prolific category, this class of entities occupies a lower level of the astral world, since the stretch of time and permanence in this stage for these beings is usually very short. Most of these animals have not yet conquered the stage of permanent “individualization”, so in the moment of dis-incarnation, most of these beings returned their monadic essence to the special stratum from where they came from. For most animals, their lives do not trespass the stage of an unconscious dream with the haze of “perfect happiness”. In the case of some domestic animals, such as cats and dogs, they have an astral life somewhat extended, but at certain point they also fall into a very short subjected passive state. The wild animals that have already achieved individualization, such as the anthropoid primates, form an interesting category since they are waiting for another cycle to advance to another level of the evolution of consciousness.
  2. The Spirits of Nature. This is a fascinating category, because its subdivisions are numberless, and many of these are still unknown to us in their integrality. Classified by some authors as Elementals, the Spirits of Nature are derived from the elements of fire, air, earth and water. These are defined intelligent entities, each inhabiting their own kingdom. They are mostly invisible to us in our present physical world, but present at the same time properties that can materialize when it is necessary. Most of them usually avoid human contact, since they dislike the emanation from the human essence; the vices, the lower emotions and the uncontrollable astral vibrations caused by humans disturb their psyche. Their life cycle vary a lot and consequently their cycle of permanence on the astral level as well.
  3. The Devas. The Devas are one of the higher lines of evolution related to planet Earth. In Hinduism, these beings are called Devics, or Sons of God. They are regarded to be a kingdom above humans. Sometimes these beings are confused by the Angelic kingdom because of their radiance and beauty. Many of them have wings.

4. The Artificials

  1. Annie_Besant_Thought_Form_Humanity_HealingElementars Created Unconsciously.The Elementar essence surrounds us and we can feel and sometimes see the effect that thoughts can cause in our lives, especially when they came with the “plastic” garments of astral material. Thoughts that are animated with strong feelings can draw “life” into the astral matter and create a Thought Form, or Elementar. Once created, it is no longer under the influence of its creator, but acquires the minimal level of instinct: the desire to live. The duration of these Thought Forms can vary, depending directly on the intensity of the thought along with the combination of intent and the strength of the underlining emotions that generated it. According to Jewish tradition, every prayer said with fervor and intention transforms itself into an angel and flies towards the object which the intentional energy was directed to. There are also the cases of devoted mothers creating “guardian angels” for the protection of their children. The duration of an Elementar varies, as stated, according to the intensity of the intention, and can last for minutes, hours or, if the thought process of the creator is repetitive, days. Usually the Elementar stays circulating its creator in state of suspension, and will inevitably, due to the sense of survival, try to make the intent repeat itself, so as to have its constitution permanent revitalized. They tend to interact with the creator for this same very purpose. Many children tend to create astral friends which fall into this category. There are also cases where the “creation” finds parallel energies to feed upon and they can feed on them simultaneously. This prolongs their lives considerably. It is said that these Thought Forms which find alternative energy sources tend to transform themselves into “demons”.
  2. Elementars Created Consciously. Many disciples and adepts of white and black magic tend to use the Elementars consciously in their work in the format of astral slaves. There are only a few tasks these scientifically created Elementar beings cannot perform. The Dark Brothers have done a lot of damage to the natural world through the manipulation of such energies. The Elementars created consciously have a superior innate intelligence than the unconsciously created Elementars because they receive clear intent and purpose along with the conceptional energy of the emotion. Their lives are also extended and consciously renewable, hence their danger. Their level of intelligence allows them to practice energetic vampirism, and they can entice humans to practice ritual sacrifices of animals as offerings to them to absorb the vital energies directed to them. They can prolong their lives by this process of vampirizing for years and in some cases even centuries. There is a famous case in India where one of these entities, created to protect crops, went ballistic when no offers were given to him, bursting into fireworks and appearing from nowhere to the people inside their houses.
  3. Artificial Humans. Despite the fact that these entities are extremely rare, they still exist as Guardians of various Schools of Knowledge, old medieval demons, and some leaders that reincarnated but their artificial forms are still alive due to their strong impression left in the astral world. Most of these "beings” can be seen by clairvoyants.

Humanity Healing University will be offering a course in developing the skill set associated with the Psychopomp. For University Members, this will be found in the Sophia Scrolls section of the Online Resource Center.

The material of Getting to Know the Inhabitants of the Astral Planes Parts 1 and 2 is adapted from the book “The Astral Plane” by C.W. Leadbeather and Annie Besant.

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