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Multidimensional Healing II

Multidimensional Healing II

Multidimensional Healing I

Multidimensional Healing II

Getting to Know the Inhabitants of the Astral Planes, Part 1

As a reference for Multidimensional Healing, the objective of this article is to introduce the seeker to some of the different levels of existence and the various frequencies where the manifestation of consciousness can present itself.  There are many different beings that exist in the astral realm and their classification and organization of their functions are not entirely clear to our level of understanding.  Despite our limitations of understanding, every single being in this universe serves a purpose and has its “utility” defined by its original blueprint, even if their purpose is not clear to us. We will try to categorize all the beings into three major categories: Humans, Non-humans, and Artificials.

The human citizens of the astral world can be separated by the nature of their existence: between the living and the dead.

  1. The Living
    1. Adepts and Disciples. These are evolved humans who can operate with both their mental and astral bodies.  Most of them operate more with their mental bodies because they usually belong to a School of Mystery, some from the eastern origin and few from the western origin.
    2. Psychically advanced individuals.  These individuals are not necessarily under the guidance of a master because, in general, they are able to be completely conscious outside of their physical garment.  Sometimes, with the lack of proper guidance and necessary training, they are susceptible to mistakes and are deceived by their immediate perception of the astral world. Their level of lucidity is variable, according to with their degree of development and training. Most do not remember their experiences in the astral world once they are awake.
    3. Common persons. Most people do not have the maturity to wander the astral world, so they actually fluctuate closely to the physical body during the sleep period.  Sometimes this can be done in a semi-conscious state, but mostly under the influence of astral currents, or waves, resulting in experiencing a multitude of adventurous sensations, some good and others bad. The less advanced in training or ability, the less defined will be its astral form; often without definition or contours, because of a higher density of their double etheric body.
    4. Black magicians and their disciples.  These are very similar to the first category, but they serve exclusively the Black agenda. They are powerful entities and can easily “enchant” a psychically advanced soul with little or no training or right discernment. We will not mention their names here.

    2. The Dead

    1. Devas_Humanity_HealingThe Nirmanakayas. They are highly evolved beings that, according to the need, can undertake the mission to descend to the astral plane to assist others.
    2. Disciples Waiting for Reincarnation.  These are not usual inhabitants of the astral world, but you can meet one occasionally, even though they are more frequently seen in the mental world.
    3. The Common Dead. These comprise a population of a large number of souls.  It is extremely difficult to define the period they spend on this level of consciousness as it can vary from few hours to days, weeks, months, years and even centuries. Every single soul leaving the realms of the earthly experience has to transition this level in their ascending journey to the open Cosmos. Some make this shift unconsciously; others who are more evolved and spiritually aware and with much reincarnational experience can make this journey very rapidly.
    4. The Shadows. These are holographic imprints. When the current incarnational cycle of a Human is complete, it is a sign that his existence is also over inside of the dwellings of the astral realm, and from there the being will transition completely to the mental realm, Devachan.  Just as with the transition from the physical plane to the astral plane where the physical body is left behind, in this transition, the astral garment is also abandoned and will eventually disintegrate in a similar way as the physical body does. Unfortunately, most people with little or no spiritual understanding, and are still very much attached to the dualist way of living, allow, through their desires, parts of their inferior mind to be attached to these shells which animate them.  These are called Shadows.  The Shadows are not the real individual.  Depending on the intensity of the body of desires attached to it, Shadows can perform tasks, expose habits, and retain a physical resemblance to the departed, but their intelligence is limited.  Despite these limitations, they are able to fool some experienced mediums. They tend to lose their “vitality” over time, as the disintegration becomes inevitable. When this occurs, they become only empty astral shells.
    5. Astral_Entity_multidimensionalThe Empty Astral Shells. We can classify these as astral cadavers.  The abandoned astral bodies in the stage of dissolution are not equipped with any source of consciousness or intelligent principal. We should not mistake them for the double etheric bodies that can be seen very close to the physical bodies when in post-mortem process of disintegration.  These phenomena can be seen in cemeteries as a blue light, with an appearance of vapor, fluctuating above tombs.  It is also called St Elms fire or the “candles of the Holy Ghost".  St. Elmo's Fire is, in fact, a mixture of gas and plasma. In general, the danger of these empty shells resides on the fact that they can be used by unscrupulous entities for obnoxious purposes.
    6. The Vitalized Empty Shells. It is not uncommon to have these shells animated by the action of some artificial elementars[1], which usually takes them over with the intention of giving them the appearance of life. Typically the intention behind these actions are not noble or for the greater good.

Continued in Multidimensional Healing II - Getting to Know the Inhabitants of the Astral Planes, Part 2

Humanity Healing University will be offering a course in developing the skill set associated with the Psychopomp.  For University Members, this will be found in the Sophia Scrolls section of the Online Resource Center.

This article to be continued.

The material of Getting to Know the Inhabitants of the Astral Planes Parts 1 and 2 is adapted from the book “The Astral Plane” by C.W. Leadbeather and Annie Besant.

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[1] Elementars are not the same category of beings as Elementals. Elementals are a line of evolution which have as the main constituent of their bodies one of the four basic elements of nature but in their purified etheric forms.  These include, but are not limited to, Salamanders (Fire), Fae People (air), Mer people (water), and Gnomes (earth).  The Elementars are artificially created Elementals, and they are, and they function, more or less as golems.

Please also see Multidimensional Healing I – Being a Psychopomp

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