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Dysfunctions of the Extra-physical Bodies I

Dysfunctions of the Extra-physical Bodies I

Extra-Physical Bodies

Dysfunctions of the Extra-Physical Bodies I

Multidimensional Healing IV

Many schools of wisdom and ancient spiritual practices have recommendations for the necessary work that a seeker must perform upon oneself before attempting further steps on the spiritual path. The refinement of the energies and the purification of thoughts, words, and actions are vital preconditions to the perfect balance and health of the body, mind, and soul. Only through this is the individual is capable of reaching a level of happiness and spiritual stability.

The cleansing of our psyches (Extra-Physical Bodies), such as the elimination of addictions, vices and some psychological “defects” of the ego, is also necessary because they provoke a vibrational dissonance among the internal, or Extra-Physical Bodies: the ethereal, astral, mental and causal. When these Extra-Physical Bodies are vibrating without harmony, or without ease, we create a state of dis-ease.

Our Bodies as the Reflection of Our Vibrations

extra-physical-bodies_Humanity-HealingOur body is composed of various vital centers of energy, the Chakras, and also with a myriad of interconnected channels and conduits of energy, the Meridians. There is an intrinsic relationship between these centers, our material body, and our extra-physical bodies. These vital centers also have a close relationship with our internal organs in a way that any disharmony or obstruction among these centers can easily create malfunctions in our bodily processes. These glitches can greatly compromise the holistic performance of the human organism, both spiritually and physically.

Nowadays, we are relatively aware of the importance of the quality of our thoughts and the vibrational fields we generate through our thought processes. It really does not matter if the thoughts we are vibrating are conscious or unconscious, or if they were originated in this or another lifetime. In the latter case, some of these thoughts may have become permanent thought forms which affixed themselves inside of our “holographic nature” and could cause deformities inside of our subtle bodies.  This is the explanation for certain congenital anomalies.

Nevertheless, we must emphasize that it is in the dimensions of our emotions and our thoughts that most of the physical infirmities are formed. Inside of the Tibetan Book of the Dead, there is a chart that names and connects every single illness and disease to a dissonant behavior or pattern inherited from previous lives.

The Law of Cause and Effect

Extra-Physical BodiesOur vital centers are energetic vortexes that can be influenced by a diverse plethora of energies and vibrational patterns, and this includes energies originated in previous life periods. These vibrational patterns can imprint themselves in the memory of our cells and influence the formation of our dense physical body. The physical cells will inevitably obey the determination of spirit to reassess these patterns and to re-imprint them again into a new template body in order to proceed with the process of purification, refinement, and liberation.  This is the externalization of the Law of Cause and Effect in action.

The cells then form themselves while adapting to respond to a predetermined condition, materializing the disharmony that survived the previous existence.  Infirmities will survive the physical death as spiritual disharmony.

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When the mind consciously or unconsciously acts or reacts against the Divine Laws, it will inexorably create dissonance, a disharmony inside of the energetic template.  This makes the soul a slave of the cause and effect which will catapult itself again and again into the life pattern for the work of readjustment, learning, and understanding through experience.

The break of the energetic harmonics of our bodies leads to states of dis-ease, because in essence, they can disorganize the arrangement of the original alignments between the cells from the physiological body and their connections with the systems of the extra-physical bodies.

 "To sum all up: Disease, physical disability of any kind (except of course those due to accidents and, to some extent, to planetary conditions inducing epidemics of a peculiarly virulent nature, such as war oft produces), and the many differing aspects of ill health can be directly traced to the condition of the centres, as they determine the activity or the non-activity of the nadis; these in their turn, affect the nervous system, making the endocrine system what it is in the individual man, and the blood stream is responsible for this condition reaching every part of the body."
~ Dhwaj Khul through Alice Bailey Esoteric Healing, p. 198/9

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  • I am a Licensed massage Therapist – Certified Yoga Instructor and Certified Grief Recovery Specialist – I have worked with folks daily for the past 12+ years and see the results/affects of emotions on the physical body — Only when there is an internal healing of the emotions can there be any chance of the physical healing – The physical manifestations of pain and disease that were brought about from long term – deep emotional issues cannot be effectively treated and eliminated with medications — We heal from the inside out — not from the outside in —

    Thank you for this very detailed and informative information — I am truly basking in light and love here –

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