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Mystical Sacred Vows

Mystical Sacred Vows

Mystical Sacred Vows

Mystical Sacred Vows
Many of us ask the questions: why cant we a have decent relationship in the present and why past relationships did not work, despite of all the effort, energy and love we placed in them?

The answer may be that before taking embodiment, our Souls may have made contracts and agreements whose baseline is service.

One thing that the seeker has to keep in mind is the power of old commitments, vows and soul contracts. In past lives, you may have made vows which you are still locked into and these will affect your life, restraining your present relationships. Vows are often made with ritual or ceremony, in front of witnesses; this is what sets them so strongly in your consciousness, so that they get imprinted on your unconscious mind as memory cells or Sankara.

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