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Awakening the Chakras: Internal Divine Stars

Awakening the Chakras: Internal Divine Stars


Awakening the  Chakras: Internal Divine Stars

The Internal Divine Stars template is our Chakra system. Many Schools of Knowledge and Wisdom talk about the Chakras or Nadis. They are points of energy inside and outside our physical bodies. All of these schools agree to the concept that these centers or vortexes are expressions of the different levels of our thought process, not only on the physical level but also in extra-physical realms.

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"I simply believe that some part of the human Self or Soul is not subject to the laws of space and time."
~ Carl Gustav Jung, founder of Analytical Psychology

The Chakras have some specific functions. They were originally designed:

  • To allow Universal Energy to flow into the physical body and to be distributed throughout the body.
  • To allow energy to flow into and out of the aura.
  • To bring about the development of self-consciousness.

The Chakras take the universal energy, break it down into useable parts and through energy channels called Nadis, pass the energy to the endocrine glands, nervous system, and blood.

In addition to the seven major Chakras, there are several significant Chakras located off the physical body which are essential for your spiritual well-being and the "secret keys" of your Spiritual Journey. To accurately access and work with them, one should look first to develop, ground and balance the seven major physical Chakras.

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The Chakras above the Crown Chakra are designated as Transpersonal Chakras, although this term has a number of different meanings, and often equated with higher vibrations of Light and Sound. The ones below the soles of your feet are known to be Sub-Personal Chakras, and they have a lot to do with the incarnational and grounding energies, and the different levels of acceptance that we have for our lives and our life purposes.

Divine Stars_humanityhalingThe main objective of the working and activating of this power centers is to increase the coefficient of light inside of your regular Chakras and gradually awaken the Internal Divine Stars within your energetic template. We all know that the typical position for the Chakras is inside the body facing outward, although sometimes they are displaced outside of our physical body due blockages and psychic debris. The realignment and reawakening of these centers are the primary functions and the reach of the work with Stellar Codes™. Once the initiation with the Stellar Code™ process begins, the Chakras will begin to rotate upwards creating a vertical column of light. The Heart Chakra is the key. Once the Heart Chakra begins to rotate, the other will follow naturally creating a beautiful column of light.

The initiations in the Stellar Codes™ will gradually increase energy and light and softly will undoubtedly unify all the Chakras in one unified field of light. This is the essence and the secret of liberation and ascension.

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The eBook, Awakening the Internal Divine Stars: Working with Transpersonal and Sub-personal Chakras, with meditations and exercises, including working with the Secret Chambers of the Heart, is available to Members participating in the Stellar Code Program.

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  • The shift begins on an individual basis and extends outward through the clouds and into the stars and back to illuminate our world. Much Appreciation;)

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