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Sacred Geometry – Spiritual Exercises

Sacred Geometry – Spiritual Exercises

It is a fact that the majority of our meditative experiences are centered in the right hemisphere of our brain.  This is where the intuitive, emotional and sentimental part of our conscious mind is located. When we meditate, we usually tend to feel good and very much satisfied. Sometimes during these meditations, we are able to perceive images, have visions and/or hear melodic inspiring sounds. All these sensations are centered and located within the right side of our brain.

Many individuals that have had this initial sensation of wellness and self-realization find that after the practice of meditation will report that, as soon as they came back to this reality, they start to question the authenticity and validity of the experience. It is not uncommon to disregard and dismiss all the visions and realizations as pure expression of one’s capricious imagination.

The reason for this is that the other side of our brain, the rational and logical half, was not involved in that experience, and consequently does not know what to make up of this experience, since it has no perception of it or frame of reference.

So naturally, the mind will tend to do what “thinkers” with an active mind usually do: they start to reject all the intuitive experiences as a threat and access them only though questions and reflections that are merely logical, rational and coherent with their respective codification of reality. The problem with this is that these meditative experiences are based on intuitive and emotional perception of outer realities: they do not have a logical substratum to support or explain them.

The solution for this comes through the practice of Spiritual Exercises utilizing the elements of Sacred Geometry. This is an efficient way to coordinate and integrate the two hemispheres of the brain and to enable the logical/intuitive language of geometry to harmonize what was before inconsolable opposites.

Sacred Geometry is basically the geometrical focus of the description of creation and consciousness, or the movement of this consciousness through the diverse aspects of reality and manifestation.  Through the exercising of the mind, we empower our soul to reach deeper into the understanding of itself, and through the acceptance of this movement, we rotate and expand our mental aspect to consider other realities as unmaterialized possibilities of existence and manifestation. It facilitates us to accept the multi-dimensionality of our being and the apprehension of realities delineated by the constrains of the space/time scope of reality. Sacred geometry make possible for us to illustrate to our logical mind the presence of a fundamental Unity that permeates all the elements and forms within this Universe. Everything belongs to One true source: we are all part of “one truthful Being”.

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The Wisdom of Sacred Geometry demonstrates to us an ancestral truth: all life emerges from the same pattern of Creation, from the same source - a source of a creative, intelligent and unconditionally loving Energy which some called God, or All That Is.

Every week, Humanity Healing will be publishing the next installment in a series of Spiritual Exercises utilizing Sacred Geometry to help individuals to “educate and integrate” the demands of their logical mind to a new consciousness and perception of multidimensional realities.  The first of the series is called, The Magenta Rhombus and is located in the Online Resource Center of the Online University in the pull-down menu above and is available to all Members.

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