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Stellar™ Code Mastership Program Video

Stellar™ Code Mastership Program Video

Thank you for your interest in the Stellar Code™ Matrix Mastery Program.

This video was produced to answer some of the questions about the Stellar™ Code Matrix Mastery Program.

The Stellar Code program is for individuals who are serious about the spiritual path.  It is a year-long program with the different attunements and initiations of the Codes taking place at different times of the year.  It does not matter at what point in the year you start.  Think of each Code as being a separate facet of the same jewel.

With each attunement cycle, you will receive a Guidebook, with the significance and archetypical journey of that particular Code, and a Guidebook Appendix with meditations, exercises and symbols for the attunement.  Each Code works with a different energy and focuses on different spiritual aspects.  The Stellar Codes are broken down into three Cords corresponding to the three-fold flame:  the Lightmaker, the Lightwarrior and the Lightweaver.

The goal of the Stellar Code is to become self-realized and to live more soul-infused through the weaving back and expansion of the personal Antahkarana: the conscious connection with one's Soul.  Increased desirable abilities, such as the ability to channel more Healing energy, or the activation of the third eye; are beneficial by-products of the Stellar Codes, not the main emphasis.

There are a total of 12 Codes associated with the program, although some Codes run concurrently with others and the attunements are done together.

Those individuals wishing to become Teaching Masters may participate with the Teaching Mastery Program after completion of the personal Matrix Mastery Program.  We have made a commitment to train 72 Stellar Code Master Teachers worldwide.  After this is done, Humanity Healing will provide support for these 72 Teachers as they pass the Stellar Codes down to the next generations of seekers.

We offer a significant discount to members of the Online University for the Stellar Code Attunements.  Member cost of an attunement is $60 USD.  Non-member cost of each attunement $90 USD.  Membership in the On-line University is $10 USD per month.

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We do accept individuals who are only interested developing one aspect and being attuned to one vibrational signature of the Stellar Codes.  For instance, Stellar Code™ - Orion worked with accessing one's Akashic Records.

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