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Developing Your Psychic Abilities Teleconference Recordings

Developing Your Psychic Abilities Teleconference Recordings

Psychic Development: Developing Your Talents

Everyone is psychic to one degree or another.  Some people are just more “aware" of the unseen energies within and around them than others are.  Energy flows through us all, from one to another and back again to the spiritual realms around us.

Developing Your Psychic Abilities is the first eClass in a new eCourse called The Sophia Scrolls, which discusses Spiritual Holistic Wisdom through the Diverse Schools of Knowledge and Wisdom through the History of Mankind.  It is a comprehensive eCourse that accents the linking and correlation of knowledge to be more readily transmutable into wisdom.  For more information, visit The Courses and Classes Offered section of the pull-down menu above, or read the following course description: The Sophia Scrolls Syllabus.

As promised, Humanity Healing is posting the teleconference recordings for those who could not attend the open teleconference.

Developing Your Psychic Abilities Teleconference 2011 03 02 (click to listen)

Developing Your Psychic Abilities Teleconference 2011 03 02 Questions and Answers (click to listen)

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The eBook, Developing Your Psychic Abilities, is available to Members of the University and may be found in the Sophia Scrolls section of the Online Resource Center.



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