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Luminous Blessing-Lightprayer II

Luminous Blessing-Lightprayer II


 Luminous Blessing- Lightprayer II

Lightprayer-2_Humanity-HealingLightprayer: Lightpraying is an art originated through the ancient devotional practice of creating a space to dialogue with the Divine Mind to ask assistance, blessings, protection and guidance. Lightpraying is the art of directing energies through our system of meridians and vortexes to express in the language of Light the pure intentions of our hearts and souls. Once mastered, this is a very efficient technique and can be easily accessed through practice, meditation and integration of all our Light bodies.

Once the pathways of the Light energy becomes fully established inside of your energetic template and your outer bodies’ fields, the activation of this method through the “Praying Without Ceasing” technique, described in the previous article, will be almost instant. To get to this point, you need practice, dedication, and perseverance, as it is in the case of all of the methods of spiritual practice.

lightprayer-fields_Humanity-HealingWe will describe below one simple technique that can be practiced by anyone that is just starting to explore the new possibilities of our multidimensional template. It is called ANVS, the Activation of the Natural Vibrational State. Through this process, you will facilitate the jump-start of the conscious flow of energy through your entire energetic template.

First, find a calm place where you can meditate and practice one of the breathing exercises recommended[1]. If you feel you are not comfortable with them yet, then start with the 4x4 Breath Technique, which is breathing in info 4 seconds, holding for 4 seconds, releasing for 4 seconds and holding the empty lungs for 4 seconds. The reason we recommend to exhale and hold the air out for 4 seconds is that this is the period when the physical body has the chance to assimilate the Prana that is coming as Light energy into our extra-physical bodies. This is an important fact to keep in mind when talking about the synthesis of cosmic and planetary energies.

Lightprayer Technique Number One: ANVS

ANVS or Activation of the Natural Vibrational State

Level of Difficulty:  Low



Induce your mind to a light meditative state. Stimulate your internal hearing to perceive the rhythmic beating of your own heart. Some may find easier to concentrate on the “sound” of the “small crickets” that comes when one is in deep silence. It is the sound of nothingness or the absence of sound that some identify as the sound of the ocean waves when approaching a shell.


Soul-Star_Humanity-HealingActivate your Soul Star.  This should be done at the start of any spiritual practice as this is the way you evoke the manifestation of your Divine I AM Presence to assist during the spiritual practice.

Using the power of your mind’s eye, visualize the entire energy field from your body vibrating in time with the pulsing of your heart. After retaining the physical sensation of this connection with your physical heart, direct all the energy of your body, mentally, from all the parts of your body to the center of your skull, the exact space between your ears and between the two hemispheres of your brain, where your Pineal Gland is located.

Imagine your Soul Star moving from its normal position of 6 to 8 inches above your head and entering your crown chakra and seating itself in the very same place between your ears. Do this movement very slowly, because as you move your Soul Star as a tool from your soul through the meridian system, you are simultaneously clearing all the psychic and samskaric residues that have accumulated in one’s energy field not only for your current lifetime but also in your previous incarnations and ancestral line.

Concentrate on this “ball of energy” and slowly, through the power of your intention and Will, move it in a descending counter-clockwise manner to each one of your chakras and allow your Soul Star to cleanse and re-pattern the correct vibration of your energy field.

Breathe deeply as you start to move it from one area of your body to another. When arriving at the heart center, project the intention of its Light to alchemize itself and transmute the Light into its liquid form and to clean your circulatory system. Imagine Liquid Light slowly descending through all your body, energy centers, and organs, and glands in a clockwise movement.

When you move the Soul Star finally arrives at your feet, intentionally direct it with your Will to follow the same energetic route back to the center of your skull. This time, it should rise in an ascending clockwise manner.

Try to redo this exercise several times. Each time,  adding more speed; but we firmly recommend that for the first month, at least, while practicing regularly this exercise, you make a point to calmly and continuously work with details and broad visualizations, to slowly burn away and purify any possible debris, before you completely activate your natural vibrational template.

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The Continuous Practice

With time and practice, you will feel that every time you activate this energy route, your body will vibrate higher and higher in frequencies.

Lightprayer-expanded-fields_Humanity-HealingAs you work through the Lightprayer techniques, you will notice that little by little, the slower vibrations and impacts of a duality-oriented life will start to transmute within your vibrational field, the Auric field, and you can feel a couple of physical symptoms of this change.  Some of these are, for example, light electric vibrations and discharges through your limbs; the sensation of being lightly poked with an invisible needle; the hearing of internal sounds, especially before falling into deep sleep; and the tingling of limbs and parts of your body, even spontaneous horripilation.

Having said this, if you experience any of these symptoms in excess, please consult your medical practitioner to rule out any physical abnormality.  This should be done before you classify it as a spiritual symptom.

Advanced Lightprayer Techniques

Note: Please read the previous article in this series, Lightprayer I

**Members of the University can access additional and more advanced techniques of Lightprayers in the Sophia Scrolls section of the Online Resource Center in the University section of the website.

[1] Humanity Healing has outlined various breathing exercises both in the public areas of the website and in the University section of the site.

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