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Celestial Sanctum: Ritualistic Prayers I

Celestial Sanctum: Ritualistic Prayers I

Celestial Sanctum:

Celestial Sanctum: Ritualistic Prayers I

Inner Sanctum to Celestial Sanctum

The act of prayer is no doubt a sacred act of the spirit. It is in itself a spiritual practice and a ministry for many. When you pray for someone, you are standing in agreement with the higher good of that individual.  When you pray with someone you are merging energies and intentions, and sending them back to the internal and external realms of manifestation.  There is incredible influence in Intentional Prayers.  Intentional Prayers are known to be Invisible Acts of Power.

Contrary of what most people would think, to pray is hard work, because it is part of a consistent spiritual practice:  in other words, if you are intending to pray connected with the pure energy of your soul. It is hard work because it is much more than mere repetition of words, as repetitions can be just destitute of meaning or intention.

Some repetitive prayers can function as mantras and they can be used as powerful instruments when they are aligned with visualization and sharpened even further with the command of a strong intention. A rightful prayer cannot ever be seen as a bargaining point with Divinity, but it is certainly the first step of an open dialogue.

The Temple of the Heart

The Temple of the Heart

But without Divine Love the power is dead… Only a soul transformed with Love can become wise! Only the spiritual heart is capable of walking completely the entire Path of Cognition of the Creator without stumbling — and of merging into the Divine Essence which controls the Universe! ~ Pythagoras

One of the ways to build and lead a meaningful and sacred life is to develop the internal Temple of the Heart, and realize all your lovingly decrees, launching of intentions and your ritualistic prayers from that inner sanctum. The Temple of the Heart is a permanent holy place with ever expanding capabilities. It is where we truly connect with the radiant Light energy of the Heart of God. This Light not only gives and maintains our physical life, but also direct us to learn and to practice the great Law of Creation which is pure and unconditional Love, in all aspects of life. Only when we realize and understand this Law, are we able to comprehend the Alpha (the principle, the beginning) and the Omega (the end result) of Creation. Through the connection of the heart, we are able to realize we were never separated from Source, since the Divine Creator of All never lost the connection with any aspect of Creation. Love is not only the creative impulse for God, or Divine Source, but also the element that unifies all of the diverse Creation.

SanctumOur challenge in living in the world of duality is to equip ourselves with the means to syntonize with the cosmic harmony and translate its rays and vibrations into frequencies that can be apprehended and used by our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. Many of the Ageless Wisdom teachings guide us into the practices that facilitate the integration of these positive energies. They are not new to men. These frequencies are not limited to time, space or set of beliefs. They can only be limited by our personal abilities to understand its amplitude.

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The linking between a human heart fully awakened and the heart of the Divine Source to All comprise what we would call as the Celestial Sanctum.

The Celestial Sanctum is an elevated plane of consciousness, and it is accessible to those that partake of the same vibrational level of consciousness with the Divine Mind, or Heart, through a philosophical or mystical ideal, through a sincere vow to service to others and foremost, through the developing of the Temple of the Heart. The Celestial Sanctum can be understood as a sanctuary of purification and refinement for your Soul, undoubtedly a place where revelation and enlightenment can occur, because it connects the Soul, through human experience, in perfect resonance with the Supreme Universal Source.


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