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Pythagorean Exercise

Pythagorean Exercise

Pythagorean Exercise

Pythagorean Exercise

“To cognize the Divine Essence this is the highest purpose of soul sent by the Creator to the Earth!” ~Pythagoras

Pythagoras lived on the Earth about 570-500 B.C.E. He is known as a Greek philosopher and mathematician. At a mature age, Pythagoras founded his spiritual school in the city of Croton. Today, what we know about the work of this school comes from stories narrated by several of great disciples of Pythagoras.

The Pythagorean disciples trained themselves in the exercise of self-control and the purification of mind and spirit. One of these was that they would have prepared for themselves everything which was served up at the most brilliant banquets, and would gaze upon it for a considerable time. Then, after through mere gazing they had aroused their natural desires with a view to their gratification, they would command the slaves to clear away the tables and would at once depart without having tasted of what had been served. This is an interesting exercise of abstinence.

A valid exercise for refinement and cultivation of mindfulness is one that was highly recommended to be practiced before the student lay down to sleep. Every disciple of Pythagoras at bedtime was advised to repeat to themselves these verses:

"I do not you dare sleep at night and close my eyes, until all the actions this day are three times remembered; if anything will go unnoticed, some act, and that duty was left to fulfill?”

And before rising in the morning they always repeated these:

"And as soon as they wake up they visualize, organize and sent intentions towards the actions to be taken that day."

This practice is a very ancient one and still, has a place in modern society too, so we practice it, we find that it is easier to understand and solve the common problems of the day and plan our future better, as we cultivate mindfulness and awareness in every single aspect of our creative life.

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The following is a translation from Russian of the practice from E.P.Kaznacheeva:


Before sleep closes your eyes, remember thrice your deeds of the day. Consider them as an impartial judge and ask yourself: “What good did I do? What did I fail to do that I should have done?” Thus review everything you did throughout the day. Reproach yourself severely for all wrong deeds! Be glad about the good ones!

Reflect on these instructions and practice them! With their help, you can approach Perfection! The warrantor of this truth is He Who put in us the basis for Divine Realization and higher virtues!

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