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Karmic Astrology I

Karmic Astrology I

Karmic-Astrology_Humanity-HealingWhat is Karmic Astrology?

The effect from experiences from previous lives can manifest themselves through important aspects in the present lifetime, and they can influence our interests, habits, and phobias. The reason for various tendencies is sometimes beyond conventional explanations. In Karmic astrology, it is possible to examine the connection that present events have with previous situations from the past existences, especially the immediately anterior to the present one.

Karmic astrology is not the mundane astrology that one can commonly see around, nor is it to be confused with the daily horoscopes of magazines and newspapers. It has its own methods of analysis and proper tools. It scrutinizes elements such as retrogradations, karmic signs, personal and transpersonal planetary aspectations, Luna nodes, etc.  The baggage we bring from other lives does not suddenly disappear: it inevitably transmutes itself.

astrology-of-the-soul_Humanity-HealingThe main objective to be reborn many times is to learn karmic lessons and to reduce the ancestral and reincarnational baggage accumulated through different periods of time. The main interest of karmic astrology is to liberate the individual; it is not something that can be reached through blind faith but through the studying of elements and consequent meditation upon the diverse aspects.

The basic understanding behind this concept is to bring the individual closer to perfection, through purification, realizations, and expansion of consciousness.  The Karmic study base itself in the belief that the soul, when deciding upon incarnation, chooses a right cosmic moment to reflect exactly its karma in the most propitious ways in order to play it adequately. The new life always brings opportunities of transcendence, forgiveness and relief.

The Law of Karma is supposed to externalize the law of action and reaction; but we are not imprisoned in this eternal cycle of cause and effect. When we direct our intentions towards the universe and at the same time make an effort to expand our consciousness, the Universe will respond with liberation and freedom; “Know the truth, and the truth will set you free”.

astrology_Humanity-HealingWe conquer free will and freedom as we step forward towards the gates of expanded consciousness. The knowledge that we need resides within us, but if we feel we are not self-realizing a necessary “something”, Karmic Astrology can help. Once we become conscious of the negative patterns in our lives, we are able to make decisions that can be the pure expressions of our souls. In doing so, our lives tend to acquire new perspectives and focus; it is a moment of extreme transcendence and alchemization. Many of the dark and limiting aspects of our previous lives accompany us although they are buried deep into our unconscious mind. To find and heal them is a necessary stage before self-realization can occur.

All of us, incarnated souls in this present time, came to this planet to perform a task, a special something that only you can do, because your vibratory signature is unique.  As rare and unique parts of the Divine mind and as part of the big engine of the cosmos, together we can expand and co-create worlds and universes.

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astrology-procession_Humanity-HealingSouls that have abstained from the their life program for many previous lives tend to choose very hard and challenging incarnational existences in order to work out all the heavy aspects of the self, hence liquidating their karmic debts and catching up with  the planetary lessons. Sometimes these life programs can extend themselves to various life periods, but it can certainly be accelerated if the individual is working towards the expansion of consciousness and liberation of the wheel of Samsara.

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