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Madana Mohana Murari

Madana Mohana Murari


Madana-Mohana-Murari_Krishna-Radha_Humanity-healingThis mantra is the love Mantra for Lord Krishna, and expresses more than the loving relationship from him to Sri Radha as it direct itself towards the love for all Creation. It is composed of sacred sounds that evoke the amorous symphony of the universe inside of our hearts. It is said to attract real love, friendship and affection into the life of the chanter. The ultimate value of this mantra is the attainment of unconditional love.  It will bring a stream of tender energies into our reality because it weaves delicate vibrations into our energy bodies.

Madana Mohana Murari

Madana Mohana Murari

Haribol  Haribol  Haribol


“Because you are more seductive than Cupid,

You have stolen my heart,

Sing the name of God (Hari)”


Hari is an Avatar, another name of Vishnu and Krishna, and appears as the 650th name in the Vishnu sahasranama of Mahabharata. In Sanskrit, Hari is a name of both Krishna and Vishnu meaning "he who steals, or takes away", referring to how Krishna takes away all distress and anxieties, and lovingly robs the heart of His devotee. During religious festivals it is a common occurrence to hear people call out Haribol ! Haribol! Meaning "please call out the name Hari", the Hare Krishna mantra contains the name in the vocative.

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Your mood, attitude, or mentality is also very important while chanting. Chanting is not just a mechanical process. It must be accompanied with the appropriate feelings, performed for the right purpose, and with proper consciousness.

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