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4th Holy Day – December 29

4th Holy Day – December 29


The Zodiacal Hierarchy of Cancer

CancerOn December 29th, and through the solar month of July, June 22 – July 22, dedication is to the Hierarchy of Cancer.  Aries deals with life; Taurus with form; Gemini with mind; Cancer with soul: soul as the revealer of truth. Consequently, dedication for the Cancer month is devotion to a quest for the Light never yet seen on land or sea.

Nathaniel is the Disciple correlated with Cancer. He is a mystic in whom there is no guile.

The body center governed by Cancer is the solar plexus, sometimes referred to as "the sun of the stomach." In pre-Christian days, this center was considered the most important one in relation to initiatory development.  In the new Christic race, the solar plexus will again be linked with spirit, for the sympathetic nervous system will be transformed into the feminine column of the human body-temple.

For December 29th and during the solar month of July, the biblical seed thought assigned for meditation is:

But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship one with another.
~ I John 1:7

Aspirants who faithfully meditate upon the real significance of this passage while the vibratory rhythms of Cancer pervade our sphere will be rewarded by knowing such fellowship.

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This information above is taken from the work of Corinne Heline, New Age Bible Interpretation, Vol. VII Mystery of the Christos: The Twelve Holy Days. ISBN 0-933963-07-6

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