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Guidelines When Performing Lunar Rituals, Part 1

Guidelines When Performing Lunar Rituals, Part 1


To correctly perform a lunar ritual, it is necessary to move the energy, through the use of some procedures. There are plenty to choose from to do a good ritual: is this selection that will create the difference between a weak and a powerful ritual.

We shall clarify that, just because a ritual is not enrolled or classified as pertaining to the script of the regular main religions that is to be considered wrong, or even dangerous. Nothing can be further than the truth. What is ultimately considered right or wrong will solely depend on how you set your intentions, the elements you selected and the ultimate goal of the ritual. Follow these simple rules:

Guidelines for Lunar Rituals

  • Do not do a ritual that interferes with the free will of someone. 
  • Do not do a ritual to get what is not fair. 
  • Do not use any ritual to practice revenge, anger, jealousy or other action when guided by bad motives. 
  • Do not perform rituals for others. 
  • Do not ever sell a ritual.  

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