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Star of the Week: The Star Alrisha

Star of the Week: The Star Alrisha

The heavenly Fish_humanityhealing

The Star Alrisha

“Thou, the divine child of the heavenly Fish Keep pure thy heart among the mortals Once thou hast been washed in the fountain of divine waters. Refresh thy soul, friend, With the ever flowing waters of wealth-giving wisdom. Take from the Saviour of saints the honey-sweet food; Eat with joy and desire, holding the Fish in thy hands. I pray thee, Lord Saviour, satisfy his hunger with the Fish. May my mother rest peacefully, I beseech thee, Light of the dead. Aschandius, father, my heart's beloved With my dearest mother and my brothers In the peace of the Fish remember thy Pectorius.”

(Third or Fourth Century Christian hymn)

Alrisha_Pisces_humanityhealingThe Star Alrisha is the Alpha star of the Constellation of Pisces. It is also its most bright star.  It is 139 light-years from Earth.

It is a star with multiple names.  The most widely used of these, Al Risch (sometimes Alrescha) comes from the Arabic empire, means "the rope".

The Arabs also called  the star Alrisha Al Samakatain, which also results into the interstellar-connection with the Fish. Lesser names are “Kaitain”, uqda al-chajtajn meaning knot the two yarns, or “Okda” uqda which means node.

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Alrisha's importance is elevated; hence it is the double star that represents the knot that interconnect the two Fish. Alrischa represents the linking point between our two inherent aspects of our human nature; one physical and the other divine.

Jesus Christ was represented in the Catacombs by two fishes. There is the famous acronym Ikhthus (= 'fish'), Iesous Khristos Theou Huios Soter: 'Jesus Christ (of) God (the) Son, Savior. (1)

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