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Astrotheurgy – Astrological Theurgy

Astrotheurgy – Astrological Theurgy


Astrotheurgy - Astrological Theurgy

The term Astrotheurgy comes from the combination of Astro (astrology, the stars) and Theurgy (Greek for "work of God", or divine magic).  In the Gnostic Wisdom, we can find one of the highest degrees of astrological information: the knowledge of Astrotheurgy.

Astrotheurgy is the clever combination of astrological knowledge, with the experiential wisdom that was acquired by the ancient Magi through their incursions into these transcendent realities.

Each of the planets can produce a vast array of influences, as can be studied in different astrological classifications, such as Karmic Astrology, Astrology of Destiny, and Spiritual Astrology.

But we must understand that these influences cannot only be perceived on the physical level. Purely physical means trying to perceive exclusively through lenses such as gravity, magnetism, etc., but because these influences come from extraordinary and mysterious intelligence, the Stellar Logos, they are able to impact the progression and evolution of our souls, not only the development of our Earthly personality.

Astrotheurgy & Stellar Logos:

Those planetary intelligences, the Stellar Logos, have received various names throughout the centuries,  For example, they were called angels and archangels by the early Christians.

These Stellar Intelligences, or Logos, govern the Solar System of  Ors.  Ors is the name of our solar system, according to Gnosis.  These Logos are the four Royal Stars of the Ancient World:

~ Gabriel (ruler of the Moon),

~ Raphael (ruler Mercury),

~ Uriel (ruler of Venus),

~ Michael (ruler of the Sun),

Other Planetary Logos of which the names are known are:  Samael (ruler Mars), Zachariel (ruler Jupiter), and Orifiel (Regent Saturn).

Thus we have, for example, the heavenly Consciousness we call Archangel Gabriel, who is the regent or Logos, in the gnostic language, of the Moon. As we know, the moon astrologically governs everything related to waters, maternity, pregnancy, for children, births.

It is not that surprising that according to the Bible, Gabriel is precisely the Archangel who makes the Annunciation to Mary. He was also, the one who gave Muhammad the knowledge of the Koran.

Thus, each of these Archangels, or Logos, souls or consciousness intelligence, are the forces that govern each planet and each fixed star.

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Astrotheurgy is the study that directly connects through an experiential way these regents of the solar systems, with the forces that govern the various zodiacal signs and their mutability and evolving patterns.

The original knowledge that was catalogued by the ancient Magi procedures and observations are part of the vast heritage of the Gnostic Wisdom we know as Astrotheurgy.

Through the ancient art of Theurgy, when one invokes force or presence of the Logos Gabriel, the extraordinary presence becomes palpable, and his tenderness can awaken great compassion in our hearts. The Divine Presence of Gabriel allows the invoker to approach to the great mysteries of life since he is responsible for guiding all the essences that have to incarnate and take shape in the amazing process of birth. His title is “For who awakens life”, his name in Hebrew means "strength of God".

In his dominant realm, a seed receives the secret impulse to germinate, the Divine Consciousness we know as Archangel Gabriel impels it to awaken from dormancy to bloom. He is also responsible for the energy that renders the encounter of an egg and the sperm. He is one of the Driving Forces, assisting with the eternal flow of new creations.

Obviously, studying Astrotheurgy in an intellectual way is very different than to feel, or to experience in our consciousness; and exactly this is the sacred goal of the Astrotheurgy discipline.

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