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Lightprayers III

Lightprayers III

Vibrations and Dedications

Lightbody-during-Lightprayer_Humanity-Healing“I am a soul; I am a star of Gold”
~Pyramid Texts
2300 B.C.E

Note:  Please also read Lightprayer I and Lightprayer II

Once one is fully trained in the various practices of “Praying Without Ceasing” and the subsequent development of a full vibrational body, it is recommended to the individual to retain a steadfast self-posture, with the careful upkeep of their physical and extra-physical bodies. The foremost reason for this is to keep your body, the Chalice of Divine Grace, purified and healthy enough to perform with proficiency all the abilities and or subsidized “powers” that comes with the practice of these exercises. As per powers, we understand this as the further development of inherent qualities or skills of our Divine blueprint, not any extraordinary or unrealistic set of skills, promised and professed by pseudo-metaphysicians.  To simplify, one needs to keep the channels and pathways that facilitate the movement of the Chi[1] energy deconstructed in order to keep the ever stream of Light energy, Prana (or Divine Golden Spheres), flowing easily through the meridian structure. We are made of Light and pure energy.

Angelic-Human-Lightprayer_Humanity-HealingThe constant cleaning of your vibratory template and the dedication to a cause bigger then yourself can guarantee the purity of your Lightprayer transmissions. A bigger cause would be anything and everything that aims for the development of human race, the upkeep of the planetary harmonics, the mitigation of the suffering and the maximum expression of the egalitarian perception of life and its importance to the entire scheme of the Universe. It is important for the ones who are journeying along the spiritual path to understand their roles as living vortexes of compassion for this world and ultimately, to develop, to the best of our present abilities, the Angelic Human vibratory template during their current lifetime.  The opposite of this would be the use of your Lightbody and the technique of Lightpraying to appease the demands of personal egos, and to fulfill the body of desire with no connection with the higher aspirations of the soul, neither holding any concern for the greater good of all involved.

Lightprayer-Lightgrid_Humanity-HealingAll human beings are made from a Divine blueprint of Light, radiating luminous rays and vibrating differently but in a harmonizing way, as Light Notes of the melodic and cosmic symphony known as The Music of the Spheres. Each note is unique, beautiful and holds diverse trends of utility.

To purify your energetic template, we highly recommend the use of your Soul Star. The Soul Star is the first of your transpersonal chakra system, and it can be easily be visualized as a small Golden-bronze Sun located from 6 to 8 inches above your head, right above your Crown chakra.

The Soul Star is your primary connection with your soul and it is with this powerful tool that one should start the serious work of linking with your Higher Selves, and the consequent building of your Antahkarana, or Rainbow Bridge, the stairway back to Source.

It was the Master Dwjal Khul that brought back this ancient technique for activation of the Soul Star to our contemporary times. This is a timeless tool and it is a focal point from where one should start the Lightpraying and from where the energy acquired can be send into existence though the multi-directional fields of the timelines, through past, present and future, in one pivotal point, or Zero Point.

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Lightprayer-Divine-Source_Humanity-HealingAs we start to see ourselves as sacred and courageous beings, we broaden our perception of the effect we have on others’ lives, because if we are to remember who we truly are, then we must come to terms that this is part of what we came to this planet to do and to become. We all have the full potential to change the world in small ways, for better or for worse.

As it is in all spiritual practices, the persistence of the student will bring about the awakening of an infinite amount of dormant potential, and it will consecrate the diverse dimensional levels of your life and actions.  In other words, it ultimately represents a personal dedication of yourself to Divine work, using all your physical and spiritual abilities to replicate with Source the evolutionary frequencies of the Universe, tuning and inserting your divine instrument into the Music of the Spheres. Experience matures our hearts and becomes our patient teacher and the Wisdom we acquire is the ultimate reward of our existence.

[1] also referred to as Ki and Qi

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