Being the Owner of your Own Life

The concept of sovereignty may be well known when it is applied to the realms of a government, or to territorial dominions of a state or a country, but it is less known as a spiritual concept that permeates one of the fundamental birth-rights into the human experience: the right to be a sovereign being.

To be sovereign is to be able to withhold consciously the responsibility from your own acts through the expressing of the many aspects of the uniqueness of your Soul and the realities that you are helping co-create.   It is one of the most valuable concepts that precede the efforts of the path of Self-Mastery. It does not, however, affirm an individual’s superiority in reference to another being, but reinforces your right to have your experiences and to consciously limit the interference of others into your reality, both internal and external.

All souls come with a life program and a series of life contracts to be played out in the current lifetime. The contracts are as diverse as the roles we have programmed to play as individuals on this planet. One may have chosen to play the simultaneous roles of a mother, sister, daughter, granddaughter, wife, friend etc. Every contract comes with particular aspects to be worked out, but despite their differences, none can overrule one’s sovereignty as an individual, or interfere in his freewill.

Spiritual Sovereignty is not a divisive concept.  It is one that reinforces the right to your individuality. The interesting aspect to be mentioned is that as we are not separated from Source, and ultimately an extension of “God’s life”, we are still autonomous; not separated per se, but autonomous in the selection of quality and intensity of our life experiences.

“If grass grows and withers, it can only mean that it is part of a greater thing, which is even more real; not that the grass is less real than it looks. St. Thomas (Aquinas) has a really logical right to say, in the words of the modern mystic, A. E.: "I begin by the grass to be bound again to the Lord.” ~ G.K. Chesterton, Saint Thomas Aquinas

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