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First Holy Day – December 26

First Holy Day – December 26


The Zodiacal Hierarchy of Aries

AriesOn December 26th dedication is made to the Hierarchy of Aries, the Hierarchy which sets the cosmic pattern for life during the month that the Sun is transiting the sign Aries. From March 20th to April 21st Aries holds the archetypal pattern of a perfected earth above the world. This is the new heaven and the new earth envisioned by St. John and recorded in his sublime Revelation.

According to all sacred calendars Aries introduces the solar New Year. Therefore it is termed the sign of resurrected consciousness. One who has attained this consciousness sees and knows only the divine in all persons, things, circumstances, conditions and events. Seeing the Godward side is the motif of dedication throughout the the Aries period.

The Disciple correlated with Aries is James, brother of John. He was the first to answer the call of discipleship and the first to walk the path of martyrdom, a true spiritual pioneer. During the month of Aries an aspirant should study the life of James and endeavor to emulate his virtues.

The body center related to Aries is the head, and the Hierarchy projects the pattern of the human head in all its divine and wondrous perfection. A student is urged to visualize the head with its spiritual organs awakened and illumined, and all its functions in full maturity.

The biblical seed thought for meditation on both December 26 and during the solar month of April (March 20th to April 21st) is the quotation:

Behold, I make all things new. ~Revalations 21:5

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Aspirants are admonished to meditate upon the inner meanings of the above passage while the vibratory rhythms of Aries are permeating the earth.


To participate with the Self-Intunement, visit: Affirmations of the Signs - Aries in the Humanity Healing Community.

This information above is taken from the work of Corinne Heline, New Age Bible Interpretation, Vol. VII Mystery of the Christos: The Twelve Holy Days. ISBN 0-933963-07-6

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