Gnostic Prayer of Thanksgiving

We give graces and thanksgiving to You.

Our heart and soul are extended towards You, untouched Name, honored with the name of Father; and since each of us share Your paternal benevolence, Your affection, love, and Your the teachings, which are smooth and simple, You have given us free intellect and holy knowledge: the intellect so we can understand You; the word so we can interpret You and the knowledge so we can meet You.

We rejoice in having been enlightened by Your knowledge.  We rejoice because You have shown us Yourself.

We rejoice because, despite being in the body, You have made us divine with Your knowledge.

The Thanksgiving of the man who comes to You is the only thing that makes You know.

We know You, intelligible Light, the life of all life, we know You.

O Mother of all generation, we know You, O Mother that conceives the nature of the Father, we have known Thee, O Father of eternal permanence that generates, thereby surrender to worship well.  We ask You one wish: we yearn to be saved in Sacred Knowledge.

We ask for your Divine protection, not to fail in this kind of life.

As found in the Nag Hammadi Collection, Mimaud Papyrus n.2391 National Library Paris Translation by Liane Buck

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