“The kingdom of heaven in not a place but a state of mind.”

~ John Burroughs

The state of mind and the immune system's effectiveness are directly related.  It is proven by science that a negative mental state has the power to weaken the T-lymphocytes[1] in the immune system and cause suffering. This is what happens when a person is depressed, angry, disillusioned, feeling as a failed person, overwhelmed, etc.  These emotions diminish the immune system and, inevitably, inhibits its activity and the individual suffers. The lower we allow our feelings to vibrate, the weaker we become.

When someone feels anger, for example, that feeling’s stimulus reaches the brain and leads it to produce the wrong hormone.  In this example, the adrenaline weakens the white blood cells, which, under the command of T-lymphocytes, are responsible for the body's self-defense. If this army is decimated, then diseases can progress and proliferate.

If you are sick, your immune system is weakened.  Otherwise, the immune system would have prevented the dis-ease: disease. This means that you urgently need to strengthen the T-lymphocytes, but if you surrender to discouragement, stress, the negativity, and not strengthen the army of defense; it will weaken it even further.

You strengthen your life potential through joy, faith, willpower, by the expectation of healing, by courage, by prayer, and by visualizing health. The use of imagination is a powerful resource to bring Inner strength, the creative world, lasting positive mental states and health. It is not a matter of ignoring any type of physical disorder, but instead, consciously adopting a positive outlook and choosing to live in an internal healing place where only high vibrational emotions will prevail.

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