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House of Hope

Welcome to the House of Hope!  This House focuses on Domestic Violence & Family Abuse and Children's Rights & Welfare. Families are the building blocks of communities and deserve a safe, healthy and supportive environment. In times of adversity or despair, Hope can carry us forward.  Hope is more than just a feeling, more than just a belief; it is ... Read More »

House of Kindness

Welcome to the House of Kindness!  This House focuses on Animal Rights and Activism. All life is connect, not just human life.  We share this planet with uncounted others.  We believe in the humane and compassionate treatment of all forms of life.  We support positive dialog and solutions to issues involving man’s relationship with those that share this planet with ... Read More »

House of Creation

Welcome to the House of Creation!  This House encompasses all forms of Creative and Artistic expression and how they can be used to promote Healing and Personal Growth. Art, in all its myriad forms, is a way for the soul to speak and the process of creation is a vehicle to link body, mind and soul.  Moreover, the Healing power ... Read More »

Terms of Use


Terms of Use HumanityHealing.net is an equal opportunity website.  This means that you are free to make your own observations and form your own opinions.  If you chose to interact, do so with respect for others and the website’s policies.  If you don't agree with these policies, please do not use the website. Terms of Use: Your Acceptance By using ... Read More »

Anatomy of the Ethereal Body, Part II


Anatomy of the Ethereal Body Part II Note: This article is reserved for University Members Characteristics of the Ethereal Nature The ethereal body is the subtle vehicle that was well studied by ancient scholars and initiates from various schools of wisdom, such as the Hindu, Egyptian, Assyrian, Essene  and Chinese. The ethereal body works much like an electric cord, or ... Read More »

Anatomy of the Ethereal Body, Part I


Anatomy of the Ethereal Body, Part I The Ethereal or the “fluid” body of life is the true energy behind the physical body, and is regarded to be the double physical body. This is one of the bodies that we have in common with all other sentient beings that inhabit this planet, and it is the design that sustains us ... Read More »

The Hero Journey and the Archetypes of Change

Hero Journey

The Hero Journey and the Archetypes of Change Doctor Carl Jung, a Swedish psychiatrist who lived between 1875 and 1961, was the founder of Analytic Psychiatry.  This school of thought within the field of psychology, was the major contributor to a better, more integral understanding of human beings, the mechanics of our destiny, and  the interactions we have with our ... Read More »

The Oracle of Delphi – The Internal Journey

the internal journey

The Internal Journey The path is through the inner world, the journey must be inward. A mystical truth, proclaimed by the sages of the ages and those that have seriously trailed the paths of self-knowledge, is that the real journey through the experience of life is an internal journey.  It is never a waste to repeat this truth, and to ... Read More »

The Emotional Unseen Causes of Asthma

Respiratory problems_humanityhealing

Respiratory Problems: The Emotional Unseen Causes of Asthma Wisdom is nothing but a preparation of the soul, a capacity, a secret art of thinking, feeling and breathing thoughts of unity at every moment of life. ~Herman Hesse When a person is suffering from asthma, the trachea, the vehicle that carries the air in and out of the lungs, is inflamed. ... Read More »

Karmic Diseases, Origins and Implications, Part II

Karmic diseases_humanityhealing

Karmic Diseases: Some Clarifications Sexual Karmic Illness A karmic illness can be acquired through sexual karma, beyond the act of raping, or inflicting death following rape, sexual karma also can be the use of sexual magic in order to manipulate someone through occult practices with predetermined objectives. As any type of magic spell, the practitioner is also bonded by it. ... Read More »