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30 Rosicrucian Precepts of Life

30 Rosicrucian Precepts of Life



Rosicrucian Precepts of Life: The following rules are taken from old and modern manuscripts wherein certain regulations are set forth for the guidance of Rosicrucian, who are devoting their entire lives to an idealization of the Order's principles.

Perhaps only in the Rosicrucian monasteries of India or those in Tibet, could one live strictly in accordance with all the ancient regulations; but those selected for publication here can be adopted by a great many of our members in the Occident. We know from practical experience that most of these can be adhered to by any man or woman without interference with the necessary duties and obligations of present-day living; and we know, also, that most of our Officers and advanced members are living the Rosicrucian life in accordance with the rules suggested here, much to their own great advancement, the joy of their associates in family and business, and the betterment of mankind generally.

It will profit you greatly to try to adopt as many of these rules as possible.

1. Upon arising in the morning start the day with a prayer of thankfulness to God for the return of consciousness, because of the opportunities, it affords to continue the Great Work and Mission of your life. Face the geographical East, inhale fresh air with seven deep breaths, exhale them slowly with mind concentrated upon the vitality going to each part of the body to awaken the psychic centers. Then bathe, and drink a glass of cold water before eating.

2. Upon retiring, and after conducting all psychic experiments scheduled for the night, or attending to any special psychic or Rosicrucian work contained in your weekly lesson or program, give thanks to God for the day and its fruits, ask the Cosmic Hosts to accept your psychic services while you sleep, to use your consciousness as they desire, and, if it please God and the Masters to have you live another day on earth, So Mote It Be! Then, with thoughts of love for all living beings, and a sense of Peace and Harmony with all the universe, close your eyes and fall asleep, visualizing your inner-self resting in the consciousness of God.

3. Before each meal wash the hands clean and hold them, palms downward, over the plate of food for a fraction of a minute, then mentally pray that the benediction of God be granted to the food you eat that it may be magnetized with the spiritual radiations from your hands and thus greatly supply the needs of the body. Then, before eating the first morsel, say, mentally: "May all who need food share with me what I enjoy, and may God show me how I may share with others what they have not."

4. Before accepting any blessing from the material world (whether purchased by money, labor, or exchange, or whether received as a gift) say, mentally: "By the privilege of God I receive this and pray that it may help me to better fulfill my mission in life." This applies to even such things as clothing, personal requisites, periods of pleasure at the theater, church, musicals, etc., or even to such small things as books, helpful reading matter, etc., and of course includes the receipt of money as salary, commissions, gifts, or otherwise.

5. Whenever any special blessing is received, such as long desired things from the material world of any nature, or a small or large luxury, or unexpected piece of goodness, do not use or apply it to your own personal use in any way until you have retired to the silence somewhere for a few minutes to meditate and ask this question: "Have I truly deserved this blessing and is there any way in which I can share the benefit of it--directly or indirectly--with others or for the benefit of man?" Then wait for an answer from the Cosmic. If you receive no word that it is undeserved or should be shared, or passed on to another, then say: "I thank God, the Cosmic, and the Masters, for this blessing; may I use it to the Glory of my Soul."

6. If any special honor, military, governmental, political, social or otherwise is being conferred upon you, always act with the utmost humility, proclaim your unworthiness (for who is truly worthy of all things?) and with a mental resolution that it must not make you proud or selfish, accept the blessing with a prayer of thankfulness and assert that, in the name of those whom you can serve better with such blessing, you receive it.

7. If, in giving testimony, in court or elsewhere, you are asked to take an oath, or to swear or promise upon some sacred book or emblem, bear in mind that to you there is no symbol or emblem more holy or sacred than the Rosy Cross. (In most courts of the world individual selection of such sacred symbol for such purpose is permissible.) Then say that as a Rosicrucian you prefer to make your statement "before the Sign of the Cross," and make the Sign (as directed elsewhere in this Manual.) After making the sign, make your statement, and remember that if an untruth is knowingly stated at such a time, it will create a Karmic condition that can never be set aside except by the fullest compensation, according to the Law of Compensation.

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8. Never permit yourself to enter discussions of other persons' religious beliefs, except to point out the soundness, goodness, or possible benefits of certain doctrines and thereby show them the good that exists in all religions. Hold not your religious thoughts as superior. Speak well of them if need be, point out how they serve you, but do not create in the mind of others the thought that they are in sin or error because of their beliefs. That religion is best for each which enables us to understand God and God's mysterious ways.

9. Be tolerant on all subjects and bear in mind that destructive criticism creates naught but sorrow. Unless you can constructively comment on matters, refrain from speaking.

10. Attempt no direct reforms in the lives of others. Discover in yourself what needs correction and improve yourself, that by the Light of your Life you may point the way to others.

11. Flaunt not your attainments, nor boast of your Rosicrucian knowledge. You may be a Rosicrucian as a member of the Brotherhood, but as a Rosicrucian in knowledge and power, the greatest and highest among us is but a child of the studies and unworthy of Rosicrucian recognition. Proclaim yourself, not as a Master, but as a Rosicrucian student--ever a student--eternally.

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