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30 Rosicrucian Precepts of Life

30 Rosicrucian Precepts of Life


12. Seek to share what you can spare, daily, even if in small ways and meager amounts. Go out of your way to find where that which you can give or do will be a blessing to someone or many, and while performing this duty shun all personal glory and let it be known that you are simply "about the Masters' work."

13. Accept no personal thanks for any blessing you bestow, any gift you give, or any help you render. When "thanks" are expressed it is customary to say: "Please thank me not, for it is I who am grateful. I seek, and must seek, to serve and labor for the Masters; you have afforded me an opportunity. But, now the obligation to pass it on rests with you; may you, too, find an opportunity to serve someone else."

14. Accept no gifts of a material nature for any good you do unless you agree with yourself in the moment of accepting, and so state to the giver, that you will divide the blessing with someone where it will continue to carry on its mission of relief and help. This is especially necessary when the material gift is of nature--like money, food, clothing, etc.--that can be divided and is a common necessity on the part of many.

15. Bear in mind that through your Rosicrucian Order you always have an open portal to help many and that by sharing with them any blessings you pass on to others, who are Brothers and Sisters of the Order in need, the blessings which come to you, perhaps as a trustee of the Cosmic.

16. As you give so shall you receive! As each opportunity to give is seized upon with utmost impulsiveness, so will future blessings, sought or required, be granted to you by the Cosmic. The greater the impulsiveness--with little thought as to personal sacrifice--the greater will be the compensation credited in the Cosmic.

17. Let not a day pass by without speaking to someone of the work of the Masters through the portal of the Rosy Cross Order. Each day makes someone more familiar with its Great Work, not always by soliciting, not always by preachments, but by simple statements of fact, simple demonstrations, and the kind words of recommendation.

18. Respect all women, honor thy father and mother, be sympathetic to the sinful, helpful to the afflicted, and serving to the Masters. He is greatest among you who is the greatest servant unto all. Hence the Master of a Lodge, the Supreme Master, and the Imperator, are greatest because they may be the greatest servants.

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19. Provide now, while consciousness can assist you, to take care of those who may be dependent after your transition; and if you have no one who will require a share of your earthly possession after your transition--or you have sufficient to more than do for them--be certain that you grant, in proper and legal manner, a disposition of some of your worldly blessing to the superior body of your Rosicrucian Order--the Supreme Grand Lodge--that it may be helped in the work it is doing for others.

20. Go to the assistance of any living being, regardless of race, creed, or color, when you can render direct or indirect aid in an emergency; if you cannot give aid in person, but can call or solicit aid, this, too, is imperative; in quiet and peace perform your work, render your service, and retire with as little recognition as possible.

21. Maintain one place in your home that is sacred to you and your Order. In it find Peace and time for meditation daily. Profane it not with pleasures of the flesh, but sanctify it with your higher thoughts.

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