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30 Rosicrucian Precepts of Life

30 Rosicrucian Precepts of Life


22. Give your support, moral or physical, to some church in your community that it may have your help in carrying on the great work in its Light.

23. Assume no political office without properly and duly notifying all who may sponsor or support your attainment of your definite views and principles toward humanity at large, that they may not expect or depend upon your submission to principles of a lesser degree.

24. Judge not, unless you are so placed that those to be judged come legally and formally before you as an accredited servant of the multitude; then in sympathy understand, in mercy comprehend, in leniency estimate, and with love be fair. For the Law of Compensation will make adequate demands, and the God of all is alone a truly competent Judge of all facts.

25. Repeat no slander, tell no tales, and support no reports that injure or condemn unless accompanied by more than the same degree of constructive criticism and comment, and only after you have completely investigated and learned all the facts.

26. Seek the good in all beings and give public praise to what you find. Look not upon the changing character of the outer-self, but discover the real self within. Learn to know all beings and love them.

27. Gamble not with the lot of another who in ignorance may lose and suffer what you gain.

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28. Avoid all extremes in thought and act; be moderate in all desires, and subdue your passions in all directions.

29. Attempt no radical or sudden changes in the natural scheme of things; remember the Rosicrucian injunction: Not by revolution, but through evolution, are all things accomplished in permanency.

30. Hold sacred and above all criticism the ideals of the Rosicrucians; permit no slander to affect the good name of your Order; live that life which will prove the goodness of your principles, and be ready to defend the emblem of the Rosy Cross with the might of your life and the light of your being.

Source: [Rosicrucian Manual, AMORC, Third Edition, 1929, pages 150-5]

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