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Ascension Stimulus Package

Ascension Stimulus Package

Are you tired of “ascension” gimmicks that offer instant “enlightenment”? Have you paid for expensive courses but weren’t sure if you really got your money’s worth? Has your spiritual growth stalled or gone into recession? Are you confused by all the repackaged information out there, or is some of it just too far “out there” for your comfort level?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, then you qualify and are a candidate for

Humanity Healing’s Ascension Stimulus Package

Humanity Healing believes that Humanity will either ascend together or not at all. We also believe that basic knowledge belongs to all. As part of its continuing education program, Humanity Healing is offering another free e-book entitled, Ascension Stimulus Package.

2012 is just around the corner. Take stock of your spiritual portfolio. If it has taken a hit from all the energetic turmoil that has been going on lately, give us a call. We can help.

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This Discussion was written with humor, but we are serious about helping. We are building a community here of like-minded souls to help with healing issues, support each other in our spiritual growth and provide a platform for ordinary people to enact extraordinary change in the world for the benefit of all Humanity.  Visit the Humanity Healing Community.

Free eBook

To download a free copy of the eBook, please register and click:  Ascension Stimulus Package

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  • This was immensely helpful to me in understanding some things I was experiencing… Thank you for putting it together. 🙂

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