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Eclipse Preparation- Upgrading the Energy Template

Eclipse Preparation- Upgrading the Energy Template

"Nations, like stars, are entitled to eclipse. All is well, provided the light returns and the eclipse does not become endless night.  Dawn and resurrection are synonymous. The reappearance of the light is the same as the survival of the soul."
~Victor Hugo

Since the dawn of time, there are few astronomical phenomena that are as exciting to the human mind as an eclipse. In Karmic astrology, the lunar nodes are seen as the connections or invisible threads between the Soul and its numerous past lives. In working with the energies surges of an Eclipse, some caution should be observed.

Keep in mind that an eclipse is always a planetary cleansing process on a major scale, as well as an opportunity for a heavy duty Karma clearance on a personal level.

Humanity Healing is offering a free e-book on working with the energies of an eclipse:  Eclipses and Energy Shifts: A Survival Guide to Energy Shifts During Eclipses.  Click here:  Eclipses and Energy Shifts

Tomorrow's eclipse will happen in Cancer, reaching deep into our collections of memories,our family issues, house, and our sense of survival.  Below we are giving some guidelines in how to keep the energetic template clean and upgraded to be able to endure this shift...

Meditation -Sonic Code to Fire the 12-strand DNA

ENERGY Templates DNA Instruction Upgrade
By Lisa Renee

Invocate and Install the following program in each receptive cell by quieting each body and repeating out-loud three times, items 1 - 23.

To run the installed upgrade call upon your Higher-Self-Council to automatically check each item for the requested adjustments and request they make all necessary alignments at the start of each new day.

1. Install within the Energy Templates of my DNA Instruction set each of our parallel lives the active reality that The Godhead and I are ONE LOVE, I Am that I AM in Oneness with All of GOD'S Creation. I AM the Eternal Self God Self!

2. Remove all false belief systems programmed within our soul during time resulting from our original separation into individuation from God Spark and / or implanted during various evolutionary sequences in multidimensional time.

3. Anchor Activate and energize the ability to recall all Universal Laws, The Law of One as previously installed in my super consciousness levels and give me the higher intelligence, will, intention, and ability to apply these Laws to all my actions.

4. Give each Multidimensional parallel life the wisdom to perfect the LOVE that we are by releasing any stored energies that are anything less than pure Divine Love, through the processes of forgiveness, patience, and understanding; and replace excess conflict with compassion.

5. Bring into harmony all members of our High-Self and Spiritual Councils and provide them with vital Information and/or knowledge to insure their valued wisdom and 100 % alignment in our Joint activities, serving the Law of One.

6. Remove any extra souls from our High-Self Spiritual Councils that no longer serve our Highest Purposes. When appropriate replace any members removed with qualified Ascended Masters with the expertise needed to fulfill our Ascension Mission.

7. Open all mind locks, clear the heart blockages to the maximum levels to bring discernment of the inner voices and bring clear communication with spirit to fully cultivate our Higher Sensory Perception and our Emotional Cognition.

8. Clear and/or remove any extra hidden, hiding or multiple souls present within the etheric bodies of each parallel life in order to Insure that our one original soul essence resides in each physical body. Release all merging soul extensions to their proper time and space continuum.

9. Clear all 12 bodies and minds of all agreement, judgments or programs that could Interfere with our dedication to completion of our agreed upon soul contracts of Ascension. Phase align and synchronize all 12 bodies and establish beneficial communications between all minds for optimum integration.

10. Transmute or remove from each parallel life all harmful:  geopathic energies (e.g. Ley lines, Curry grids, and vortexes); X-rays; ultra high and low frequencies; computer and television rays; poisons and toxins from water, food, air, drugs (Including prescribed drugs); heavy metals; atomic radiation (including radon); disease inciting organisms (e.g. worm parasites, pathogenic viruses, bacteria, protozoa, prions, fungi, yeasts); and all known toxic gasses (e.g. chlorine, methane, sulfur dioxide, and carbon dioxide.)

11. Insure that each body and mind of all parallel lives receive a constant flow of vital life force energy from GOD Source for the maintenance of our healthy bodies and for our joint greatest good, as we seek to channel and share energy with others.

12. Clear all currently running discordant energy programs (previously stored in our akashic (holographic) records) that could interfere with our being in all bodies at any location, level, dimension, elevation, or frequency. Clear all known and unknown levels, elevations, and vibrations for the Councils for all bodies up through Multidimensional Time Matrix 360. (15 dimensions in all 24 Matrixes)

13. Clear all duplicate programs established during any of our physical lives in each galaxy on any planet, or during bardo (between lives) as Spiritual guides, and during any other evolutionary part of our historical NOW.

14. Clear all blocks in any parallel life to our "Service to Others" (STO) orientation, Multidimensionally.

15. Clear all Illusion or obstacles to the Truth that soul is unaware of, everything the soul is avoiding or denying, that have impeded any parallel lives during our overall spiritual progress.

16. Clear and/or block any openings (e.g. doorways, gates, or tears) to any other dimension, parallel universe, or domains in which incompatible energies or negative thought forms are bleeding through and adversely affecting any parallel life.

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17. Remove all disincarnate spirits (those translated from a physical form) Including the demon class, dark forces, negative astral beings, killer psychic forces, and/or negative thought forms present (In any body) that originated from any planet, dimension, or continuum, that could interfere with our Highest Good in service to The Law of One.

18. Cut any negative cords attached to other souls and cut any cords attached to implants. Fuse the ends of these cords to prevent re-attachment and send them to the Light Clear all negative implants blocking energy flow, any implant devices, and any dark sticky implants anywhere within the 12 bodies of any parallel life.  Convert any negative imprints that are adversely affecting us to positive imprints.

19. Clear all parallel lives of: useless vows (e.g. poverty, religion, separation, marriage, loneliness, silence, chastity, celibacy, suffering, obedience, sacrifice, illness, anxiety, or fear); limiting belief systems (e.g. financial, inhibitors, polarity, karmic, genetic, religious, devils exist, educational, cultural, racial, political, astrological, and God causes pain); useless ties or contracts with others (e.g. economical, social, and emotional); clear anti-time conflicts; all negative cell memory; curses (from any source); subconscious clutter; any desire to escape; scaring from soul wounds; loss of subconscious Integrity; all death wishes; spiritual parasites from any dimension; all phobias, neurotic disorders, subatomic malfunctioned creations, and all other factors that may dissipate our vital life forces.

20. Clear all additional negative cellular memories stored anywhere within my morphogenetic field and anchor activate and energize the 12 Strand DNA Avatar Blueprint.

21. Activate the Atomic Doorway with an alpha-to-omega head-to-toe clearing & healing on all of my parallel lives in order to remove any dis-ease, Illness, Injury, or mental and emotional damage present NOW or coming into NOW.

22. Daily transmute or remove from each parallel life all harmful negative emotional thought forms and replace them with positive thought forms based on Unconditional LOVE, PATIENCE, CONFIDENCE, HONESTY, JOY, TOLERANCE, COURAGE, DEDICATION, AND ENTHUSIASM. The Christ Mind Matrix.

23. In gratitude for my healthy bodies, my friends and family that encourage and support my soul purpose and life contracts. In deep reverence and gratitude for all of my Evolution Support Teams, Higher-Self Spiritual Councils and their dedication to assist me when called upon.

Thank you GOD for each of my parallel lives as a unit of the


And So It IS Beloveds!


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