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Animal Mentorship 1 – Animals in Spirituality Teleconference Recordings

Animal Mentorship 1 – Animals in Spirituality Teleconference Recordings

As we travel and grow along the Path of Spirituality, we come to realize that Humanity, from the perspective of the subhuman kingdoms in nature, is  the divine intermediary and the transmitter of spiritual energy to those lives whose stages of consciousness are below that of self-consciousness. Humanity becomes to these lives, in their totality, what the Spiritual Hierarchy is to humanity. This service to the animal and other subhuman kingdoms becomes possible only when an individual becomes increasingly soul-conscious and not just self-conscious.

The teleconference for Animals in Spirituality is the first module of the Animal Mentorship Program.  We would like to thank everybodywho participated with us and we look forward to seeing you in future eClasses.

Teleconference Recordings

Animal Mentorship eClass 1 - Animals in Spirituality

Animal Mentorship eClass 1 - Animals in Spirituality Questions and Answers

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The teleconference discussed concepts addressed in free eBook, De Animalibus Libri:  Animals in Spirituality.

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To download a free copy of the eBook, please register and click: De Animalibus Libri

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  • Dear Humanity Healing hosts and all people here,

    Animals, in my experience and in the experience of hundreds of animal communicators across the country, are capable of much more depth of consciousness and depth of intelligent thought than you are crediting them with. Through telepathic communication, most communicators are discovering the animals have really been here all along as patient equals, equals who at this point find it necessary to mentor us. We’re the ones who stepped away from oneness with all things, we’re the ones who disconnected from our awareness that we are all one being. They – particularly the cetaceans, but also those mammals on land – are working hard to remind us and reconnect us in awareness for the salvation of the planet which we humans have wrecked largely because we became so completely disconnected from a sense of being part of everything that we came to see ourselves as superior, even the only species that truly mattered.

    To give you an idea of what is possible between animals and people, I invite you to speak with Rose De Dan of – she has a great deal of experience over many years of working with animals as a communicator and healer. You can hear a recent interview with Rose at, to get an idea of what she is about. She also has articles about her experiences at .

    I hope you will. To me, if we don’t wake up from our ego-maniacal anthropo-centric world view, we won’t have a viable world for much longer, and the animals are desperate to be heard, to help us, despite the way we have treated them for thousands of years. That degree of forgiveness and unconditional love is so rare in humans, I think we owe it to “all our relations” (as the Native Americans termed the animals) to genuinely listen to them. More and more of us are opening psychically to communications with animals, but time is of the essence, so to those who aren’t intuitively skilled yet, I ask you to please at least give an open-minded listen to what so many animal intuitives are relaying from our furry family. Thank you.

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