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Chi Balls

Chi Balls

Chi, or Ki, Balls can literally be defined as balls of Chi energy. For some, the use the Chi balls are one of the most valuable and helpful way to send healing and comforting energy, including empowerments and attunements.  Unsurprisingly, in each manifestation the Chi energy is viewed and defined differently, but basically it is the same thing. Chi or Ki is the power which enables us to reflect, be in motion, respire, and be alive.  It is the energy in command that makes gravity act like gravity, the world to turn, and life to exist. It is the link between our awareness of life in the inner and outer worlds.

Chi is one of the elements of the Tao:  it is our connection to the very flow of the universe and the prime moving force within the human body. Tao signifies the primordial essence or fundamental aspect of the universe.  Chi is not breath; it is the power that makes it possible for us to breathe. Chi is not merely "energy", it is what gives energy the power to be energy. Chi is the power behind movement and thought and existence…and it is everywhere. It is in the oxygen we breathe, the pure water we drink, in the food we eat. Chi is the animated force behind all life. Chi is life force in itself.

It is effortless and natural to create Chi balls because it is personal force that fills the energy that forms the Chi Ball. You are the Light battery that fills the Chi Ball. One controls the energy that goes directly into the Chi Ball. Your intention is the primordial principle that constructs the size, gives the color, defines the scale of the energy and everything that goes into it. All one must do is to send it on your breath and energy.

To be successful in creating Chi balls or even Chi objects, it is necessary to learn how to practice Spiritual GPS[1], breathe properly and to control the brain waves and intensity of energy through the breathing process. Breathing in and out through the nose is the only method that enables the body to process Chi energy efficiently.

A normal Chi ball is constructed using one’s energy, making it completely safe and perfect. There is no need to stress or to strain oneself energetically to create a good Chi ball. Through the regular practice of centering, one can draw the necessary energy through a central power point inside of oneself. Those that practice regularly martial arts or Qigong know the value of centering as the generating activity of Chi.

When the Chi Ball is created by you under the directive of your intention, it becomes ready to be sent and used as soon as you disconnect yourself from it. It is naturally protected against negativity because it origins are the center of your heart. To activate your power center in order to build Chi balls, one has to also stimulate the solar plexus.  This is the elemental place to turn on the centering energies. Immediately after creating a Chi ball or after any spiritual practice, take a deep cleansing breath and thank your guides and angels for their assistance and support. Make your practice to cleanse deeply through the rebalancing of your energy centers.


The eBook Developing the Hand Chakras – Chi Balls and Other Energetic Techniques is available to University Members and can be found in the Spiritual Exercises section of the Online Resource Center.

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[1]Spiritual GPS: Ground, Protect and Shield.  Please see HH Free eBooks for Spiritual GPS guidelines and techniques

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  • I have previously registered as a basic member, and am currently trying to download the free ebook on Spiritual GPS, but seem to be caught in a loop with no access. Please advise.

  • I’ve been sending Chi Balls for years. It is the creative side of it that is fun. Reiki Balls it is all the same to me. I send to all of you now, wonderfull Fluffy Soft Balls of healing energy to help that which you apply it to as you are willing to reach out and recieve it, catch it in your hands then place it into your body when you are guided to place and then receive them as they are infinite to your healing. Pink, Green and Red, for the essential elements to clear.

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