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Genotype, Phenotype and Ancestral Karma

Genotype, Phenotype and Ancestral Karma

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The Spiritual Neurophysiologic Limitations

Therefore, the strength of the Will, in this particular circumstance, is relative. Far more important than the Will, is the role of knowledge and understanding[4], or rather the ability to pull the rubber sling and understand the mechanics of the instrument. That is what makes us better able to meet the many and varied challenges of our everyday lives. Understanding and insight, our persistence needs our knowledge. We need both. The cultivation of an open mind and exercise of conscious thoughts is necessary to opt for right choices that fit our pursuit of happiness and liberation.

To absorb this type of information, we need to be able mentally and neurologically. Some karmic genetic materials hinder the functions of the mental body, as they are karmas that just enact its effects in different subtle bodies. Sometimes it is not simply a matter of education or environment; some individuals may have some genetic higher/skilled intellectual functions turned off, until some clearing, and bondages are released. Meditation is one of the most powerful methods of release because it can power down the agitation that these mind suffer.

We are not, in any case, starting to divide people or label them, just stating the different levels of perception and the different spectrum of understanding that individuals may retain. Nonetheless, most of them can function on this duality-engendered world with ease, because their Karmic program tends to be designed to create conditions of awareness and awakening for all of us, indistinctly.

The questions posed here are not to discuss the importance of a neurologically-limited individual in comparison with another that has no limitation. This type of comparison is not part of the mystic expedient, nor the object of our analysis.

We know and understand that the Universe uses many strategies to develop a particular personality and soul, the limitations and challenges will be proportional to the need of an individual to encourage him to excel, the same principle described above: great tension = great shot. The friction is what makes the diamond a precious, powerful stone.

To create a mind of understanding is more important than fighting it. See the “vibrational voltage” that one may be exposed to as their Karma (challenges) as a part of a stimulus system of sorts is different from seeing the same “vibrational voltage” as a barrier or obstacle to the development of the soul.

Just understanding this already calms us and gives us more balance and sense of strategy to use our apparent limitations in our favor.

So not everything is Will. Today we know it. The Law of Attraction is much more than a set of techniques to induce your mind to produce desires (note that we did not say intentions, but desires) and simplistic happy thoughts. You will attract what you put out. Being a self-centered, egotistical person, cruel person with happy thoughts may not bring the fruitions of your desires; one will tend to attract exactly the vibrational pattern that one emanates. Keep in mind at all times that the Universe does not have your personal agenda as its priority. It is a matter of physical law of resonance, nothing else.

Fortunately, we have broader spirits to address correctly the difficulties that we have as the student of mysticism, pass through the laborious work of overcoming our personal limitations, and following our inner compass.  Although many Mystical and Wisdom Schools do their part, transferring ethical values, and encouraging self-confidence in their members, repeating to them regularly that they can be more than they are, provided they release the illusion of being unable to this or that, the result often is quantitatively and qualitatively unsatisfactory for reasons organic and biological.

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1 “Genotype " is an organism’s full hereditary information.”

[2] The Phenotype is the composite of an organism’s observable characteristics or traits, such as its morphology, development, biochemical or physiological properties, phenology, behavior, and products of behavior. Phenotypes result from the expression of an organism’s genes as well as the influence of environmental factors and the interactions between the two. Phenotype “is an organism’s current Observed properties, such as morphology, development, or behavior. This distinction is fundamental in the study of inheritance of traits and their evolution.

[3]  The key points where the theory of Karma in Jainism differs from the other religions such as theistic traditions of Hinduism. Jainism advocates that a soul's karma changes even with the thoughts and not just the actions. Thus, to even think evil of someone would endure a karma-bandha or an increment in bad karma. For this reason, the Ratnatraya gives a very strong emphasis to samyak dhyana (rationality in thoughts) and "samyak darshan" (rationality in perception) and not just "samyak Charitra" (rationality in conduct).

[4] Another meaning of Karma as per Bhagwad Geeta is the action prescribed by Bhagwan Shri Krishna. All human beings have Aatma (soul) inside their heart. This Aatma is part of the Paramaatma (The Complete Supreme Reality or Divinity). The goal of the Human being is to unite the Aatma (soul) with the Paramatma (The Complete Supreme Reality or Divinity). The unification of Aatma with Paramaatma happens inside one's heart that is one experiences, understands the true nature of Paramaatma and become one with it inside one's heart and not in the outside world.

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