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Gnosis as Living Knowledge

Gnosis as Living Knowledge

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Gnosis as Living Knowledge

Gnosis is the fullness of knowledge, comprised of Faith and Philosophy. If one is wanting to get to the Gnosis without philosophy, without dialectics, or without the study of nature, one will be like wanting to harvest vine without first cultivating the grape.

It is necessary to breach the secrets of Scripture that are hidden under the veil of allegory to know the secret of the ancient teachings, transmitted by the Tradition of the Apostles, especially Peter, James, John, and Paul, and the others.

The primary objective of Gnosis is to acquire the knowledge of God, which is the cause beyond all causes, and the Logos that is the truth essence. It is an important education, Esoteric by Nature, reserved for a very select few, opposed to Exoteric knowledge that is intended for the ordinary faithful.

Gnosis is a Light, the understanding that comes from a perpetual state of contemplation, using intuitive and emotional knowledge of the ultimate cause of all things, which produces absolute certainty of true awareness and the possibility of ascension.

To achieve this double contemplation-preparation is imperative to adopt a code of moral purification through the practice of virtues and intellectual preparation exercises that are conducive to illumination.

The expansion of this knowledge comes through the "little mysteries" with its teachings and finally the "great mysteries", in which we finally contemplate the Logos (God).

When it comes to this second degree of Knowledge, the Gnostic soul is an image of the Logos and intuits God face to face, although the perfect contemplation of the Holy Face happens only after death, during the Beatific Vision.

A Gnostic is the one who lives united to God for Charity and Knowledge and has fully mastered his passions, achieving balance and absolute imperturbability. With this perfection comes what we call “Gnostic Apathy", which is the immunity of all passions that could cause a disturbance of the peace and tranquility of the soul.

The Gnostic understands what to other seems incomprehensible, for them nothing obscure. Many listen to the Divine Word, which is the meal of the Soul, but not all understand the greatness of Gnosis, and fewer still are those working according to the Gnostic life. The Gnosis includes the Light and the Truth. The simpler your wishes are, the greater is your union with God.

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The Gnostic Teaching is characterized by three aspects:

~ To know the Logos;

~ To act according to the Logos;

~ and to teach others the hidden things of the Truth.

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