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Kama Sutra Positions to Assist Kundalini

by Chandi Devi, The Dear Abby of Tantra

In our culture, it is commonly accepted that experimenting with sexual positions is one way to avoid “boredom”.

Now I have to take issue with this because in tantric sex, “boredom” is not encountered because we are dealing with “energy”, and energy, properly enforced, can NEVER become boring. Each sexual encounter is new, fresh and exciting because energy is never predictable.

Experimenting with different positions is simply another way for a couple to work on chakras that have become “stuck”. In this situation, certain positions can assist in bringing relief or arousing the Shakti.

A basic premise of the energy emitted and stimulated through sexual activity of different positions is that with Ki, or Chi, the power lies in the subtlety, NOT in the gross demonstration of that energy.

The male sexual energy is centered in his yang, the masculine form. The male should embrace his maleness and feel the power of his maleness. This yang energy initiates the flow of Shakti, or nature.

In the female’s yin energy, sexual union becomes a subtle dance of opposite energies.

The male thrusts his thunderbolt into his female’s consciousness. This energy is then returned to Shiva from Shakti.

This cycle is repeated thru the thrusting, the churning the Chi, freeing the seeker from the bonds of this world.

This is the true nature of Tantra. To illuminate and free the soul with the ten-thousand suns of Shiva, bathing it into a sea of bliss.

Want to know more about how sexual positions can help initiate changes in yourself and your beloved?

Teleconference Information

On 19 November, Humanity Healing University will be hosting a Teleconference with Guest Lecturer Chandi Devi, The Dear Abby of Tantra.  Chandi is the author of the book From OM to Orgasm and the popular series OMG!!! to OM… in OM Times Magazine.  The teleconference will be open to all Members of the University and Registered Subscribers to the website.  Members will also receive a special “gift” from Chandi – extra material on this subject that they will be able to download.

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