Karmic Astrology II

Karmic-Astrology-Past-LivesEvery action generates a reaction, which is physical, as of all our attitudes and feelings can enhance or hinder our lives. In fact, we are all going through an inevitable evolutionary process: we are evolving as a species, not only physically but also spiritually. For those that who believe in past lives, Karmic Astrology presents reasonable answers to explain our unexplainable habits, phobias, blocks and difficulties.

The study of Karmic Astrology facilitates the journey of discovery of many the possibilities and connections with past lives and events lives through an investigative method.

Astrology is not something we should believe in blindly, but it is a powerful tool to deepen the understanding of ourselves, elucidating what mundane logic cannot explain.

In knowing ourselves better, we allow ourselves to leverage our strengths, to develop skills, and accept the limitations, all leading towards a more harmonious life.

Karmic Astrology has a profound and spiritual focus on energy flow, which is the main tool to open certain doors in our life that otherwise, would be unknown to us. The word karma means action in higher levels and subtle reactions.

The Known Universe is circular and all that we send or give out, returns. If the energy sent is not refined, it will come back as an understanding that will lead to learning experiences, spiritual awakening and even an expansion of consciousness.

The Twelfth House

In Karmic Astrology, the Twelfth House is the most important section of our map, because it stores the experiences of our previous lives. Also known as the home of the subconscious, it reigns over our unconscious behavior, where the balance or imbalance of our inner mental world is and its effects will reflect in our conscious life.

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