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Reflections of a Mature Heart

Reflections of a Mature Heart


Mature Heart _humanityhealingReflections of a Mature Heart

"We travel, some of us forever, to seek other states, other lives, other souls."
~ Anais Nin

Reflections of a Mature Heart

My mature heart has learned many things in life.

It has learned that while we make mistakes, we also learn from them.

That as we age, we don't need to lose our childlike heart

That are many words inside of silence, and sometimes silence is the best answer for many challenges.

That making money is not always the priority in people's lives.

And that dreams exist to be conquered.

My mature heart has learned that we gain real friends when we are our real selves,

And that those friends will be always on our side until the end.

That we have a right to be angry but not the right to be cruel.

My mature heart has learned that evil sometimes hides behind a pretty face...

My traveled soul has learned not to wait for happiness but to look for it in everything.

And that when we think we know everything, we realize we still such much to learn.

My mature heart has learned that to love, I have to give myself unconditionally and freely.

It has learned that time is relative and one day can mean more then a succession of many years,

And that is possible to travel beyond the infinite and time.

My mature heart has learned that a loving word can heal, and kindness can warm cold hearts.

It has learned that we should always keep a childlike attitude in life and that the real Peace is inside of US.

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My mature heart knows now how important is to dream and to have the free choice to live up to them.

And that we can't just live for ourselves.

My mature heart has learned that the fabric of life connect us with many people, many beings,

All our thoughts and actions are the fibers on this fabric.

They go outwards as causes, and they come back to us as effects...

My soul has learned to live my heart's journeys through life in an unique and precious way.

But mostly, my mature heart has learned that Life is always worth Living.

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