Among some ancient people, there were the fears that the Sun could be engulfed by the shadows, never to enlighten again the Earth, or our personal selves. For that matter, there were created rituals, festivities and rites of passage celebrating the eternal victory of the Light over Darkness.

The Solar myths are part of our collective consciousness and their archetypes are facets of the Divine that incarnate heavenly qualities and virtues:  Janus, Apollo, Helios, Ra, Osiris, all aspects of the same stellar creative energy.

 "The door through which God Himself emerges is the same door through which he enters the human soul." ~Louis-Claude de Saint-Martin



[1] Katabasis, or catabasis, is a descent of some type, such as moving downhill, or the sinking of the winds or sun, a military retreat, or a trip to the underworld or a trip from the interior of a country down to the coast. There exist multiple related meanings in poetry, rhetoric, and modern psychology.

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