Karmic Diseases: Some Clarifications

Sexual Karmic Illness

A karmic illness can be acquired through sexual karma, beyond the act of raping, or inflicting death following rape, sexual karma also can be the use of sexual magic in order to manipulate someone through occult practices with predetermined objectives.

As any type of magic spell, the practitioner is also bonded by it. In most cases, the practitioner remains in these spells which often are linked to the valley regions of the umbra.

This unbalanced frequency may extend itself on one's energy matrix through several incarnations. It is very common with this type of binding that the occurrence and the transmission frequency of venereal diseases and viral diseases which work as a chip inside the astral body.

Mental Karmic Illness

Karmic illness induced through mental karma brings about thought-forms that may create the illusion of mental persecution to the alleged victim. Desires of revenge, hatred, bitterness, and all sorts of atrocities on the mental level are issued by the oppressor in order to destroy someone for something that they feel wronged about. This is one of the reasons for mental illnesses and various other mental disorders. Mental Karma can be reflected in one's lives through depression, sense of emptiness, social dysfunctions, and they are all echoes of thought -forms, energy forms called elementar (not to be confused with elementals)


Elementars are loads or frequencies of mental and emotional energy combined and emitted from thoughts and feelings, and can take any shape depending on the vibration source and intention of the creator of it.

There have been many negative elementars formatted for centuries by our experiences within the matrix manipulation, which are rooted in our souls, and therefore in our DNA. Some examples of generating elementar emotions: anger, hatred, envy, jealousy, fear, guilt, bigotry, curses, among others.


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