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Star of the Week: The Star Alrisha

The heavenly Fish_humanityhealing

The Star Alrisha “Thou, the divine child of the heavenly Fish Keep pure thy heart among the mortals Once thou hast been washed in the fountain of divine waters. Refresh thy soul, friend, With the ever flowing waters of wealth-giving wisdom. Take from the Saviour of saints the honey-sweet food; Eat with joy and desire, holding the Fish in thy ... Read More »

The Mystical Christ and the Mystery of the Two Geneses

Mystical Christ_humanityhealing

The Mystical Christ and the Mystery of the Two Geneses (births) Nothing in all creation is so like God as stillness. — Meister Eckhart It is well known, not only through the old cannons of spiritual traditions, but by mere observance of the daily existence that a Man has two different types of birth. One, natural in this physical nature, ... Read More »

The Spiritual Meaning of Lent


The Spiritual Meaning of Lent “O Holy Spirit, descend plentifully into my heart. Enlighten the dark corners of this neglected dwelling and scatter there Thy cheerful beams.” ~Saint Augustine We commonly understand Lent as a period between seasons, but it carries a tone of reflection and revaluation of what was realized and assimilated in the previous cycle. Lent comes from ... Read More »

The Occult Functions of Parathyroid Glands

parathyroid glands

The Occult Functions of Parathyroid Glands "A spirituality that preaches resignation under official brutalities . . . and total submission to organized injustice is one that has lost interest in holiness and remains concerned only with a spurious notion of ‘order.’" — Thomas Merton The parathyroid glands are small endocrine glands in the neck that produce the parathyroid hormone. Humans ... Read More »

Guidelines When Performing Lunar Rituals, Part 2


Guidelines for Lunar Rituals 2 Note:  This article is reserved for University Members. “We lack rituals in this modern world.” ~Elizabeth McGovern  Continuing on the topic of lunar rituals, some precepts are necessary to assure the right creation and projections of the ceremonial rite.  How to write and perform a ritual There are many details one should pay attention to ... Read More »

Guidelines When Performing Lunar Rituals, Part 1


Guidelines for Lunar Rituals 1 The moon, like the sun, is considered astrologically to be one of the earth’s luminaries, and illuminates our planet with the indirect light reflected from the sun. However, the moon is the only satellite of the Earth and, as such, is the celestial body that is closer to our planet. Approximately every 27 days, the ... Read More »

House of Faith

Welcome to the House of Faith! The Humanity Network is a Healing Project with no denomination.  We embrace individuals from every Religious and Spiritual background.  This House is dedicated to all those who seek to enrich themselves or find comfort through Faith. The healing power of prayer is incredible.  The Humanity Healing Network includes Ambassadors and Volunteers who come together ... Read More »

House of Peace

Welcome to the House of Peace! This House focuses on Collective and Collaborative Efforts for Global Peace. Being Pro-Peace is not the same as being Anti-War. We support positive efforts to promote Peace while understanding that it is only through the Healing brought about with the other Houses that we can achieve it. “I BELIEVE that while governments make treaties, ... Read More »

House of Justice

Welcome to the House of Justice! This House focuses on civil rights and other humanitarian social issues. Raising awareness of current and emerging problems is the first step towards resolving them. Globally, there are many people and regions in crisis. The principles of Altruism and the Brotherhood of Man have declined in importance as individuals, nations and religions focus on ... Read More »

House of Compassion

Welcome to the House of Compassion! This is the House of Service to others. This House focuses on Spiritual Activism and how individuals can connect with different Projects and charitable organizations to give of themselves to make this world a better place. Spiritual Activism is about reconnecting the concepts of personal spiritual growth and societal action.  It is a mindset ... Read More »