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The Twin Flames and the Alchemical Marriage – Part I

The Twin Flames and the Alchemical Marriage – Part I


The Twin Flames and the Alchemical Marriage - Part I

Alchemy as the Way to Self-Enlightenment

Due to our actual state of evolution, humanity as one body has not crossed as a species to the stage of self-consciousness. Our progress until now can be presumed to be related to our advances of our civilization and the realms of our intellect.  But the progress we can easily note refers solely to the external dimensions of our beings, which is our Ego, and is driven by the opinion of others. The Inner Self, the more refined portions of ourselves, have collectively evolved very little because it has assumed a stationary motion to comply with the frequent demands of our challenging egos.

The sad aspect of this is that humankind continues to be the cosmic orphan; a man is born, and he forgets who he is. He has no recollection of where he came from or what he is supposed to do during his life. The saddest part is that when he dies, he still may not even know where he is going afterward. The common man enters and leaves the realms of tri-dimensionality barely touching the realms of his inner self.

Conscious evolution starts when the personality-ego stops dictating the movements of the consciousness in daily tasks, and the individual voluntarily allows the Higher Self, the Soul, to have more access to this plane of existence. The priority work of alchemy transforms the consciousness from the inside out, not the other way around. The transformational steps require commitment and thorough analysis of your thoughts and reactions.  Mastership comes through the personal learning and conquering of attitudinal tools.

The Transmutational Marriage

In ancient times, it was believed that when shooting starts were seen in heavens, it was a sign that one alchemical marriage was just realized.

The Twin Souls are two complementary parts of a single Soul-unity separated from it.  They may be trailing different conscious paths, but both are still subject, in metaphysical terms, to the immutable spiritual law that procures the reunion of the parts.  Everyone alive has a complementary part of themselves.  Often these parts may not be incarnated in the same plane of existence, in the present matrix of time-space.

If we consider the alchemical marriage not only as a rite of sacramental passage in the individual lives of people but as union designed by a universal law or natural alchemical principal between two parts that are empathetic and complementary of one unity, we can understand that an alchemical marriage is the ideal state of a being. This is the real state of being where both parts can manifest perfection in emotions, actions and thoughts with perfect alignment with Divine will and the laws of nature.

A truthful alchemical marriage is a natural cosmic union, where each Divine essence yearns to connect with the Divine essence of the other part by natural attraction, even before the empathies of the body can play any role. In ancient cultures, the marriage could not be consummated physically before the two inner selves had reached a sublime harmonic balance between themselves. The ceremony of the physical matrimony was performed more to satisfy the ethical and religious costumes of the land but still was regarded as a formula that only could be completed after a natural spiritual union had occurred. The ritual of marriage evoked the Divine blessings to the spiritually-aligned souls.

Through the passing of the sands of time, the alchemical aspects of the matrimony of souls were progressively forgotten or ignored. The mentality of men prevailed and created unnatural formulas for a union where they decreed the physical marriage to be complete and imagining that by the imposition of their will, Nature would have sanctioned the marriage of souls along with the material decree.

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alchemical-marriage_Twin_Flames_Humanity-HealingThe perfect marriages manifested in physical form are nothing other than the results of the marriage of souls, previously lived and experimented in its purest Divine form. That is the origin of the famous saying, “a match made in heaven”. The truth union of souls is impossible without the harmonization of the different parts of the selves.

The common unions derived from different types of relationships of souls, dictated by their level of commitments on their individual soul’s contracts, and their scope of lessons to be learned (karma).In most of these unions, there is not a fusion of the two empathic nature of the souls, nor there are the alchemical or cosmic attraction, only the chemical attraction which is physical and transitory.

What is mortal is undoubtedly impermanent, always changing always transforming. Inevitably after a while, the parts start to realize that they no longer combine as a unity, as they do not resonate at the same frequency and the disharmony of the physical elements, erroneously put together and start to dissolve the relationship in an irreversible way.


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