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Prayer for the Higher Self

Prayer for the Higher Self

Prayer for the Higher Self


Prayer for the Higher Self

Divine Spark of Light, anchored in my heart,

Breath of purpose for my Soul,

In this moment of adoration, within the silence of the invisible, I lift my heart to thee.

I seek your guidance, your counsel, and your strength.

In my daily life, grant that I may always have recourse to thee.

May I keep a mindful attitude, a resilient heart, and clarity of purpose and intention.

Please strengthen my spirit and enlighten my reasoning, so that I may lead a spiritually noble life of selfless service.

May your reality become my reality, your luminous Hands, my merciful Hands.

May your supreme will and wisdom permeate my life, with an infallible Light, sealing a union with my Soul Purpose here on Earth for time everlasting.

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And So It Is.

The Higher Self, indeed, is not "our self", but we humans as souls belong to it because he is the reflection of our Superior Nature. Our higher Self is beyond us in the spiritual evolutionary ladder.
This is such an important character, called "Higher Self," which is also known by several other names: Divine Presence, Consciousness, Personal Master, Christ Self, I Am, Spiritual Mentor, Guardian Angel, Holy Spirit, etc. .. Everything is the same thing and refers to the same energy.
He is our "Be Higher" is the true Light that each "is" or "should be."
The "our" Higher Selves currently functions with our  humanity as a real energy interface; it is he who prepares the human being to reach  its real "birth". The self that is in each one is exactly the particle  of the Christ, the Living Flame of Christ that flutters in our hearts. He is "Christ within us" and at the same time, we are parts of Christ Consciousness.  We're only one.

Our Higher Self  is omnipresent in each of us, and all that exists, because if it were not so, there would be no life on Earth. He is the Life that sustains life itself. But the life we live on Earth is not the real life. What we have here sometimes is nothing more than a sad "survival."

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