“I am that supreme and fiery force that sends forth all the sparks of life ... I shine in the water, I burn in the sun and the moon and the stars. Mine is the mysterious force of the invisible wind ... I am life."  ~ Hildegard of Binge, De Operatione Dei

Beings of Light

We are Solar Beings.  We live with the Light, through the Light, for the Light.

Light is one of the big mysteries of the manifested Universe.  Only when we understand it as both a material particle and, at the same time, as an energetic wave can we actually understand a little about its power.

Nowadays, we know that all sentient beings project Light by themselves, the bio-photons through their DNA, and these constitute what we call our auric field. In this truth resides the reason that Light and the Sun are known to be powerful and positive symbols of life, radiance and positive living.

Our luminous Sun represents the great archetype of the hero that defeats the darkness and all the "evil monsters" that may be hidden at the shadows.  Its flight through the firmament represents the Journey of Life: birth, trials death and rebirth. Many myths emulate the same solar rhythm, through the rising of a hero, the embracing of the trials, the Katabasis[1]  and the final redemption.

Its rebirth every morning is not repetition, but a renewal, that every day there is another brand new day, freshly minted, bringing the  universe of possibilities into realization.

It is a divine cosmic theater, as the Celestial Mind encourages the rising Sun to try again every day, expanding its Light throughout the four directions, unconditionally. And thus the Universe expands and unfolds.

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