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Wesak Festival


The Wesak Festival The Spiritual Festival of the Buddha The Significance of Wesak Graciously shared by SouledOut.org The Wesak Festival has been traditionally associated in eastern civilization with the Buddha, esoterically recognized as the divine intermediary between the highest spiritual center on the planet, Shamballa, and the Hierarchy. The Buddha is the expression of the Wisdom of God, the embodiment ... Read More »

Aurora Luxis


Aurora Luxis is a message from Humanity Healing International and Humanity Healing Network to all the World Servers, in Gratitude and celebration of the New Earth and new relationship among Humanity and Earth. Our Blessings to each of you on this day of 12-21-2012! Video Information ©2012 Humanity Healing. Partial Rights Reserved. Spoken Poetry: Vima Lamura, "Beloved Ablaze" Kind Courtesy of ... Read More »

World Servers Festival Week

World Servers

The term “new group of world servers” was coined in the 1930s by British writer and teacher who worked in cooperation with Tibetan teacher Djwhal Khul to bring forth a series of twenty volumes of esoteric philosophy. This group is a product of this time in planetary history, which is said to be the most important in the long history ... Read More »

The World Servers

“The New Group of World Servers are gathered from all branches of human enterprise. They will be found among the creative workers, the industrialists, in ordinary homes, and in the ranks of labour” They recognize their peers and equals, and know each other when they meet and stand shoulder to shoulder with their fellow workers in the work of salvaging ... Read More »

Occult Functionality of the Pancreas

Occult Anatomy "Most of the information given in connection with the pancreas is strictly physiological, and, therefore, out of place here. Suffice it to say, however, that it lies in the abdomen and is close to the solar plexus (which is the brain of the instinctual animal nature) and is closely concerned with the "mobilization of energy for physical and ... Read More »

Integration of the Oversoul I

"Progress has not followed a straight ascending line, but a spiral with rhythms of progress and retrogression, of evolution and dissolution." ~Goethe “The story begins with the Absolute. From the Absolute comes the Divine Fire. A spark of this Divine Fire is differentiated into a ‘Divine Spark‘, and is called the Monad. It is difficult to describe the Monad, or ... Read More »

Dysfunctions of the Extra-physical Bodies I

Multi-Dimensional Healing IV Many schools of wisdom and ancient spiritual practices have recommendations for the necessary work that a seeker must perform upon oneself before attempting further steps on the spiritual path. The refinement of the energies and the purification of thoughts, words and actions are vital preconditions to the perfect balance and health of the body, mind and soul. ... Read More »

Mantram of Unification

A mantram is a combination of sounds, of words and of phrases which, through virtue of certain rhythmic effects, achieve results, such as spiritual transformation, that would not be possible apart from them. A mantra is a repeated mantram. Mantram of Unification The sons of men are One and I am One with them. I seek to love not hate, ... Read More »

The Causal Body – The Temple of the Soul

The Causal Body - The Temple of the Soul "In considering the causal body (this "Temple of the Soul"), we are dealing specifically with the vehicle of manifestation of a solar Angel who is its informing life and who is in process of constructing it, of perfecting it, and of enlarging it, and thus reflecting on a tiny scale the ... Read More »

The Seven Cosmic Pathways

Cosmic Pathway Number III The School of Training for Planetary Logos Solar Logos: Betelguese This cosmic passageway attracts only a few of the earthly beings at their conclusion of the earthly lessons.  This developmental path is a unusual one and since the aptitude of advancing the ability of our continuous consciousness and spiritual identification to the future assignments is part ... Read More »