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Internal Silence and the Art of Correct Speech

Internal Silence and the Art of Correct Speech


Do not create expectation in the hearts of others.  The act of “stealing hope” or creating false hopes distorts your personal energy system and the energy system of others.

Permit the people to resolve their own problems, focus your energy on your own life: be occupied with yourself, be centered and kind to all, do not defend yourself.

Abstain from imposing your personal opinions to others; make a habit to always allow them to communicate themselves sincerely; allow them to express themselves fluidly.

Do not procure to control, do not force, manipulate or subdue anyone; strive to not lead a life of competition and rivalry, enjoy the blessings of a simple benevolent life, being strong and supportive of others, such as earth supports our lives in this planet. Be the light and the nurture facilitator to other beings, bringing always the best in them to their attention; assist them in bringing their virtues, qualities and accomplishments, being their mirrors and a reference of goodness to them. Be your own master and allow others to become the best they are capable to be.

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Cultivate the habit to not complain about your life, be discreet, and make observations if you must, but try to detach it from the source of underlying emotional energy. Reflect your thoughts outwards keeping in mind the intention of not harming anyone. The external situations are nevertheless always a replication of the internal dialogue.

Do not adopt in your daily vocabulary words that may evoke negative or painful images, not even if they are of a satire nature. Everything you vibrate and express will carry your personal energy signature of Chi and may attach to your energy field.

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