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Internal Silence and the Art of Correct Speech

Internal Silence and the Art of Correct Speech


When speaking about yourself speak humbly, and truthfully. The correct words will reflect your inner self; the boasted words will create an energetic “prison” that will encapsulate your personal energy.  Correct words will avoid creating the false expectation from others, illusions, jealousy, and disputes. This way you will be free from the opinion of others and you will enjoy a tranquil and benevolent life, such as the ways of the TAO. Competition will inevitably create conflicts.

internal-silence_Humanity-HealingMake internal peace with the reality that many times you may not have all the answers for certain facts, events and circumstances. You may not know everything that pertains to life and its manifestations. There is not always ONE truth to everything:  the universe is a mutable entity, ever changing and ever growing. Develop unto yourself the infinite compassion that knows no duality. This realization may not be an easy one to be accepted by your ego, but certainly will give you the freedom to understand the multiple venues and canvas the Universe and consciousness may choose to manifest its creation. Therefore, avoid criticism, judgments and blame; to yourself and unto others. TAO is impartial in its judgment.

Remember the old adage: “If you do not have anything nice, don’t say anything at all”? The reality behind this phrase is the existence of an incredible Universe that reflect our thoughts, actions and intentions as a mirror. The universe accepts our thoughts, emotions, and projections liberally, without judgments or conditions, and reflects back to us the reflection of these projections that at their turn, tend to manifest themselves in different circumstances in our lives. At all times, be the perfect mirror for yourself.

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