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Internal Silence and the Art of Correct Speech

Internal Silence and the Art of Correct Speech


When an individual learns how to be the perfect mirror, without the commotion or instability of the waves of emotion, he learns how to withstand confusion, to behave accordingly and to speak wisely.

If you think yourself to be successful, so you will be; if the opposite is true to you, your reality will be identified as such.

Develop a devotional faith in your Divine spark. The knowledge and wisdom of your soul is infinite and everlasting. It is connected with the eternal source of all.  Thus, do not get voluntarily involved in other’s conflict and misdeed; be mindful of others agenda and motifs, and do not hurry judgments based on others impressions.

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The power gathered by the continuous practice of silence and correct speech will manifest and exist in your life as long as the ego is silenced. Never allow your ego to poison your internal power.

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