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Astrological & Mystical Emblems of the Last Supper I

Astrological & Mystical Emblems of the Last Supper I

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 Astrological & Mystical Emblems of the Last Supper

The Last Supper is the final meal that, according to Christian belief, Jesus shared with His Apostles in Jerusalem before his crucifixion. Its symbols and the archetypical drama that it precedes emulates the journey of the Sun through the celestial arch. Its trajectory guides the light throughout the earth, and ending its journey through the passage into the underworld, and to be again resurrected and victorious in a next cycle.

What we commonly call a Solar Sign is the position of the sun in one of the constellations of the sky at the time a person was born.  With this record, we can quickly determine the category and vibrational quality of the energies present at the birth which would delineate a soul theme to be developed and utilized by the soul in their lifetime. This information, nonetheless, is not complete.  Determining and associating the interaction between the Sun and the other planets, the astrological houses, the moon and, sometimes, for a deeper interpretation, the use of the Fixed Stars; are needed for a greater understanding. The basic standard that pins everything together is the Principle of Synchronicity.

If we believe that all the planets and stars are bonded by measurable and perfect orbits, with mathematical precision, and that they belong to and are one of the more refined expressions of the Music of the Spheres, part of an intelligent and conscious orchestration of frequencies; we can determine, by affinity, their influence in areas on the globe in accordance with their position in the heavens.

Accepting that Reincarnation is part of the great Law of Evolution and Balance, we can see this invisible harmonic structure. By affinity, groups of people will be attracted to elaborate together their essences, in accord with these energies. Esoterically, the types of beings that are responsible for engineering these serendipitous events are called Karmic Engineers. Their meticulousness is impeccable because there is nothing created by the Divine Mind that is out of balance and precision. The way we try to understand the movement and the logic of these great Consciousnesses is through a deeper understanding of the logic behind the mechanism of Astrology.

The last meal that Jesus shared with his disciples is described in all four Canonical Gospels, namely in Matthew 26:17-30, Mark 14:12-26, Luke 22:7-39 and John 13:1-17:26. This meal later became known as The Last Supper. The Gospel of John does not include the episode of the breaking of the bread among the disciples; but tells us of Jesus washing the feet of the Apostles, and has a detailed farewell discourse by Jesus, calling the Twelve Apostles who followed his teachings "friends and not servants", as he prepared them for his departure.

Last -Supper-Bouveret_Last-SupperJesus' actions in sharing the bread and wine have been linked with Isaiah 53:12, which refers to a blood sacrifice that, as recounted in Exodus 24:8, Moses offered to seal a covenant with God.  Scholars often interpret the description of Jesus' action as asking his disciples to consider themselves part of a sacrifice, whereas Jesus is the one due to undergo it physically.

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Although the Gospel of John does not include a description of the bread and wine ritual during the Last Supper; most scholars agree that John 6:58-59 (the Bread of Life Discourse) has a Eucharistic nature and resonates with the "words of institution" used in the Synoptic Gospels and also the Pauline writings on the Last Supper.


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