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Meaning of Tarot Cards – The Major Arcana

Meaning of Tarot Cards – The Major Arcana

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Adverse Aspects: Disease, smallness, tyranny, lack of faith, abuse of power


The Hanging Man

Positive Aspects: Suspension, change, reversal, readjustment, improvement
Adverse Aspects: Boredom, useless sacrifice, imprisonment, cannot change


Positive Aspects: Transformation, creating space for new things, radical changes, change of life
Adverse Aspects: Disease, immobility, loss, unexpected changes, death


Art (or The Temperance)

Positive Aspects: Moderation, balance, harmony, fusion, good influence, trust
Adverse Aspects: Strife, conflict, disunity, hostility, apathy, frustration

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 The Devil

Positive Aspects: Strange experiences large inflows of money, win deficiencies, enlightenment, liberation, very strong emotions
Adverse Aspects: Evil, illness, addictions, abuse, divorce, distressing situations, betrayal, bad person

The Tower

Positive Aspects: End of a bad situation, follow the old paths, end bad situations
Adverse Aspects: End of a friendship, divorce, bad situations, imprisonment, end all, fall, loss of money or security

The Star

Positive Aspects: Hope, faith, inspiration, spiritual love, joy, optimism
Adverse Aspects: Imbalance, it takes to achieve objectives, distant dreams, unbalanced

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